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July 26th – August 2nd

Exciting things are happening in the Austin art community this week! Austin Art Weekly is Art Alliance Austin’s weekly arts calendar. Scroll down to view the complete calendar of highlighted, current, and upcoming events for this week and beyond. Sign up is easy, get Austin Art Weekly in your inbox each week.

Art Alliance Austin presents an exclusive conversation and temporary pop-up exhibition with Jason Archer this Thursday evening as a part of our Austin Art Break series, click here for details.

Wednesday, July 27th

Humpday Happy Hour

Happy hour July 27th, 5:30 – 7:30

Dovetail Global

241 W 3rd St

Featuring new work by Kimberlie Dykeman, Rachelle Kearns, Kurt Chung and Liang Cheng, Courtney Bruce, and Nicholas Osella. 


Artist Talk July 27th, 6pm

UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum

605 Robert E Lee Rd

Meet Studio in the Museum Exhibition Designer Stephanie Busing and artist Nimer Aleck and learn how they re-created Umlauf’s studio. Stephanie Busing is a designer of environments who uses skills in video projection design, animation, scenic painting, and scenic design to challenge audience perception of physical environments.Stephanie Busing is a designer of environments who uses skills in video projection design, animation, scenic painting, and scenic design to challenge audience perception of physical environments. 

Thursday, July 28th

meet her hands 3

Meet Her Hands # 3: Jenn Hassin

Artist Talk July 28th, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Elisabet Ney Museum

304 E 44th St

The third artist featured will be JENN HASSIN. Jenn’s work is nationally-known and pieces are exhibited in collections throughout the US. One of her pieces, which is ever-evolving, is prominently placed at the Pentagon. Jenn’s piece, Receptacle, is currently installed on the grounds of the Elisabet Ney Museum. A participatory piece, Receptacle asks visitors to write their thoughts, hopes, wishes and dreams onto paper and insert them into the piece. The paper is recycled from clothing donated by people from all over the City of Austin and its many walks of life, from dental scrubs to Quinceanera dresses. The notes will be subject to the elements and reflect the ephemerality and commonality of our hopes and desires.

Friday, July 29th

Art after Six 

Artist Talks July 29th, 6 – 8pm

The People’s Gallery 

301 W 2nd St

Artist talks begin at 6:15 pm in Council Chambers. The gallery will be open for self-guided tours 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Artworks are on display on the first three floors. Pick up a gallery guide on the first floor. Featured artists: Barbara Attwell, Jess Bee, Cherry Taylor. 


Bread & Butter

Opening Reception July 29th, 7 – 10pm


720 Shady Lane Ste 190

Closes August 20th

In their newly self-built artist-run gallery, ICOSA proudly presents BREAD AND BUTTER, a group show featuring five Austin based artists, selected by the collective: Jeana Baumgardner, Ted Carey, Sev Coursen, Ryan Cronk, and Kyle Evans. The participating artists will show a range of work representative of their current practice. Despite having other full time jobs, these artists maintain an active studio presence without sufficient opportunities to share their work with the general public. 

Houston Trip 2016 Banner Image copy

Additional Exhibition Openings & Events

Kids Kraft UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum // Saturday, July 30th, 10am – 12pm Mixed Up Media; Saturday, August 6th, 10am – 12pm Shadow Sculptures; Saturday, August 13th, 10am – 12pm Mad Mobiles // 605 Robert E Lee Rd

Creative workshops featuring green and recycled materials. Grades K-2. Online registration available through UMLAUF’s website.

rachel wolfson smith

Midas grayDUCK Gallery // Artist Talk July 31st, 2pm // 2213 E. Cesar Chavez St // Closes August 21st

“Eye’s Got It!” is an annual visual art competition created by Jaime Salvador Castillo that brings together a professional panel of judges and artists from all over Central Texas. This year’s winner Rachel Wolfson Smith’s work deals with warning myths about personal transformation. Using them as a guidepost, I create mural-scaled graphite drawings of crashing cars and racing motorcycles to modernize their lessons. King Midas was a poster child for a hard learned lesson. I interpret the allure and consequences of Midas’s wish as drawings of race scenes reminiscent of Renaissance battle paintings, and gold-leafed stars, like gilded icons, hovering in the night sky above expensive cars that lost control.

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Ongoing Exhibitions

Seeking Surreal: The Dreams of the Artist  Davis Gallery // 837 West 12th Street  //  Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am to 6pm; Saturday: 10am to 4pm  //  Closes July 30th

The exact time and place is insignificant when looking at the artwork featured in our Seeking Surreal. Instead, this collection focuses on exploring the world that is out of reach, far away, or not there at all. Davis Gallery’s annual summer group show featuring the works of nine of our premiere artists.


Evolution Art.Science.Gallery // 916 Springdale Road // Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: noon to 6pm // Closes July 30th

Art.Science.Gallery. announces the opening of Evolution an evolution-themed art exhibit in conjunction with the 2016 joint annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE), the Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB), and the American Society of Naturalists (ASN) in Austin. The meeting is a premier opportunity for academics to share their research on evolutionary biology and expects 2000+ attendees, over 1,000 talks, and hundreds of scientific posters. The exhibition includes artists such as Aimee Manion, Amisha Gadani, Emei Ma, Georgia Titcomb, Kendra Mojica, Megan Parker, Meghan Neace, Pippip Ferner, and Claire McWhite. 


Off the Wall, Off the Flesh Art for the People Gallery // Hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 12pm to 6pm; Friday, Saturday: 11am to 7pm; Sunday 12pm to 6pm //1711 South 1st St // Closes July 30th

Residents of Austin are exposed to eclectic art daily; muralists, tattoo artists and street artists beautify the walls and underpasses of this city as well as the bodies of its citizens while remaining widely unknown. Off the Wall, Off the Flesh presents the work of a phenomenal group of street, tattoo, stencil and mural artists in a range of styles while giving viewers a glimpse of what these artists do when they aren’t bringing commissions or clients’ designs to fruition.

Image - Penton M_Vast and Tender

Transparent Vulnerability: A Watercolor and Audio Environment  CAMIBAart at Flatbed // 2832 East MLK Jr. Blvd. //  Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10am to 6pm; Saturday: 12pm to 5pm // Closes July 30th 

Performance and Discussion July 16th, 6pm

Misha Penton is a painter, sound artist, contemporary classical singer, and writer. In this watercolor and audio environment installation, Penton’s expressionistic landscapes are the visual convergence sites for elemental energies. As she explains, “the watercolors echo the ephemeral and transparent quality of my voice work: expressing something evanescent and not quite able to be expressed in words.” Her works embody the poetics of movement, improvisation, and play while maintaining awareness of the opportunities unfolding in the creative process.

Diana Greenberg: Solo Show Wally Workman Gallery // 1202 W 6th St // Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 10am to 5pm // Closes July 30th

Greenberg’s work is an exploration in color and emotion. Both patterns from nature and figurative paintings are morphed into abstracted color field studies.  Prisms of color break through solemn gray of a sky contrasted with the prism of light that creates a rainbow.

link pin

Narratives of the Desert: Josh Baker and Andrew Fritz Link & Pin Art Space // Hours: Saturday and Sunday 11am to 4pm; by appointment // 2235 E 6th St #102 // Closes July 31st

What happens when authors, models, artists and athletes coming together in the West Texas desert?  Art is the answer.These photographs are a selection of the narratives and places found in the wide open Texas desert during an annual creative retreat to Langtry, Texas.  The few days are a burst of frenetic energy with authors, models, artists and athletes coming together to create photographs without the bounds of expectations.

¿Quién Es Más Macho? Wes Anderson vs The Wild Birds Of Texas: New Woodcuts by Lisa Brawn  Yard Dog Gallery // 1510 S Congress Avenue // Hours: Monday – Friday: 11am to 5pm; Saturday: 11am to 6pm; Sunday: 12pm to 5pm // Closes July 31st

Calgary, Alberta artist Lisa Brawn returns to Yard Dog with a spectacular collection of new work: Pop/Folk carved and painted woodcut portraits of Wes Anderson movie characters and birds of Texas set up in ¿Quién Es Más Macho? showdowns.

Room with a View: Adam Crosson Co-Lab Projects DEMO GALLERY // 721 Congress Ave // Hours: Thursday — Saturday: 12pm to 6pm // Closes August 6th

Adam Crosson was born in Arkansas in 1982. He holds an MFA from The University of Texas at Austin and a BARCH from the Fay Jones School of Architecture. Crosson was recently awarded a Core artist-in-residence fellowship through the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston for the 2016-17 term. In 2015, Crosson was included in group exhibitions in Providence, RI and Houston, TX. He has organized exhibitions in Texas, London, and Vermont.

Material Matters  CAMIBAart on 6th St // 2000 East 6th Street // Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10am to 6pm; Saturday: noon – 5pm // Closes August 7th

Applying the most liberal definition of sculpture, this show explores artworks that use their materials in interesting, unique or extreme manners. Works are both abstract and representational, with concepts ranging from intuitive space interactions to emotional expressions with spiritual connections. It is their physical and conceptual approach to the materials that forms the dialog between the over 22 artworks in this exhibit.


Fresh Exchange: Teen Artist and Mentor Program Pump Project // 702 Shady Lane // Hours: Hours: Wednesday: 12pm to 5pm; Saturday: 12pm to 5pm; and by appointment // Closes August 13th

Join us next Friday, July 8, at pump project as we celebrate FRESH EXCHANGE, the culminating group exhibition of our 2016 Teen Artist + Mentor Program! Come see new collaborative artwork by all participating artists and enjoy treats and refreshments from our sponsors Gelateria Gemelli, Maine Root, Rosemary’s Catering, and Tiff’s Treats. Exhibiting Teen Artist + Artist-Mentors: Prisila Cancino-Anaya + Shelley Wood, Nicole Rose Hockaday + Amanda McInerney, Miette Merlot + Delilah Rose Knuckley, Alyx Madera + Terra Goolsby, Mónica Martínez + Susi Brister, Joshua Mayo-Reese + Troy Allen, Jacob Mendez + Abraham Mong, Daisy Pesina + Claudia Aparicio-Gamundi, Adetoro Soyemi + Rebecca Rothfus Harrell. 

lauren moya ford

Lauren Moya Ford: New Hands on Old World Flowers Big Medium // 916 Springdale Rd Bldg 2 #101 //Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: noon to 6pm // Closes August 13th

New Hands on Old World Flowers is a reflection on time spent living far away. In a series of paintings, photographs, artist books, ceramic vessels, videos, and performance, the artist shares a place where rain falls most of the year on eucalyptus forests, craggy coastlines, and people who speak two tongues. Doomed romance, botanical observations, and moments alone flavor the poignancy of being foreign – an experience of being outside but also, at times, intimately within.


The Fine Art of Disney Art on 5th // 3005 S Lamar Blvd // Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10am to 6pm // Closes August 21st

Walt Disney was known around the world as an artistic visionary. During his life he built a coalition of artists, animators, and storytellers to interpret his vision. The tradition continues here with an exclusive exhibition of artwork from your favorite Disney films by ten officially licensed Disney artists. This is the first time these iconic works of art will be exhibited in Austin, and ART on 5th is thrilled to be able to share them with you! Rodel Gonzalez will be painting live both nights. 

rachel wolfson smith

Midas grayDUCK Gallery // 2213 E. Cesar Chavez St // Hours: Thursday – Saturday: 11am to 6pm; Sunday: 12pm to 5pm // Closes August 21st

“Eye’s Got It!” is an annual visual art competition created by Jaime Salvador Castillo that brings together a professional panel of judges and artists from all over Central Texas. This year’s winner Rachel Wolfson Smith’s work deals with warning myths about personal transformation. Using them as a guidepost, I create mural-scaled graphite drawings of crashing cars and racing motorcycles to modernize their lessons. King Midas was a poster child for a hard learned lesson. I interpret the allure and consequences of Midas’s wish as drawings of race scenes reminiscent of Renaissance battle paintings, and gold-leafed stars, like gilded icons, hovering in the night sky above expensive cars that lost control.


Peter Brown Leighton: Live Snakes Photo Méthode Gallery // 2832 E Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. //  Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10am to 5pm; Saturday: 12pm to 5pm and by appointment // Closes August 26th

The imaginary vernacular images, taken from the portfolio “Live Snakes”, are sourced from bits and pieces of discarded analog photographs acquired over the years from the dust bins of the twentieth century. They form a series of narratives composed of monochrome men fallen from grace, ambivalent women standing on the cusp of empowerment, and feral, free range children born to run, incorporating themes, introduced in Leighton’s youth, that have continued to mutate and metastasize over his lifetime.


SCORCH AND DRAG: Prints and Sculptures by John Robert Craft // Flatbed Press // 2830 East Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard // Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am to 5pm; Saturday: 10 to 3:30pm // Closes August 27th

John Robert Craft, sculptor and printmaker, possesses an innate interest in ferrous metals, used to create an inseparable dialogue between his two and three-dimensional work. His sculptural work is abstract, solid and heavy, influenced by studies in geology and the metallurgy of his choice medium: ferrous metals. Within his printmaking practice, these solid cast-iron sculptural pieces are utilized as tools to create minimalistic abstract images that map the energy and direction of the sculpture across the printmaking substrate, iron or wood, while documenting the sculpture’s mass, movement, and form.


Young Latino Artists 21: Amexican@ //Mexic-Arte Museum // 419 Congress Ave // Hours: // Monday — Thursday: 10am to 6pm; Friday to Saturday: 10am to 5pm; Sunday: 12pm to 5pm // Closes August 28th 

Now in its 21st year, the Young Latino Artists (YLA) exhibition provides emerging Latina/o artists with professional-level museum experience and exposure. Guest curated by David “Shek” Vega, YLA 21: Amexican@ focuses on Latina/o artists who grew up as part of the Millennial Generation. Raised in predominantly Latina/o-populated locales, these artists have altered their way of representing traditional Latina/o works as seen from art produced in response to the Chicano Movement of the 1960s-70s.


Changarrito Project: Selections from the Collection 2015-2016 Mexic-Arte Museum // 419 Congress Ave // Hours: // Monday — Thursday: 10am to 6pm; Friday to Saturday: 10am to 5pm; Sunday: 12pm to 5pm // Closes August 28th

Changarrito Project: Selections from the Collection 2015-2016 highlights works of art acquired during the Changarrito Residencies at the Mexic-Arte Museum. “Changarrito” is an art vending cart, conceptualized by artist Maximo Gonzalez as an alternative to the official gallery selections presented by the Mexican cultural authorities. Since 2012, the curators from the Mexic-Arte Museum have selected over 45 artists to participate in theChangarrito Project. Artists display their artworks on the Changarrito cart outside the museum; everything for sale is accessible in price, and one hundred percent of the sales proceeds go to the artists. 


4×4, Works by Boyd Elder Bale Creek Allen Gallery // 916 Springdale Rd., Bldg 2 #103 // Hours: by appointment // Closes August 31st

Legendary Texas multi-media artlaw Boyd Elder mounts a rare exhibition of his original “American Fetish” painted and adorned animal skulls at the Bale Creek Allen Gallery in Austin, Texas. Titled “4×4,” the exhibit features four major works — Elder’s original skulls that the Eagles used for the band’s multi-million-selling “One of These Nights” and their “Greatest Hits Volume 2” albums in 1975 and 1976, plus two rare editions of the Grammy-nominated Eagles album cover art previously unseen by the public. 

Dara Burriss + Carolyn Joe Wexel Art Gallery // 1715 Bee Caves Rd. Suite 300 // Closes September 1st
Wexel Art Displays resets their showroom every quarter, debuting a different art collection for one special evening. This Summer the showroom will feature two Texas based artists Dara Burriss and Carolyn Joe. Dara is primarily inspired by color theory, and draws inspiration from music. Each of her pieces is named after a song she hears while painting. And a sense of exploration can be felt in Carolyn’s playful use of color. She often creates custom pieces for residential & commercial space, as well as collaborating with designers for products like rain boots featured at Nordstroms. 

Sara Madandar: Another Birth The Courtyard Gallery, The University of Texas // 1900 University Avenue // Closes September 10th

Sara Madandar, born in Tehran, Iran, is a U.S. based artist. Her painting, sculpture, video and performance works changed after moving to the United States, when she began to explore the body and culture. She explores the relationship of humans to their bodies and covers and materializes in-between space through construction and deconstruction of the canvas, evoking a sensation of destruction and touching on the cultural displacements of corporality.

Goya: Mad Reason The Blanton Museum of Art // 200 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd // Hours: Tuesday — Friday 10am to 5pm; Sautrday 11am to 5pm; Sunday 1pm to 5 pm // Closes September 25th

Goya: Mad Reason is an exhibition of nearly 150 prints and paintings by renowned Spanish court painter Francisco de Goya. The series of prints comprising Goya: Mad Reason—borrowed from Yale University Art Gallery’s distinguished Arthur Ross Collection—illustrate the artist’s mastery of forms and concepts as he grappled with the changing political and intellectual landscape of his native Spain in the early nineteenth century.

The Studio in the Museum: An Interactive Recreation of Charles Umlauf’s Studio UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum // 605 Robert E. Lee Rd. // Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10am to 4pm; Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 4pm // Closes October 16th

The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum proudly presents The Studio in the Museum (SIM), a special exhibition in honor of the UMLAUF’s 25th Anniversary. The SIM exhibition brings the studio into the Gallery, offering a preview of what visitors can expect to see once the UMLAUF fulfills its Master Plan and incorporates Charles Umlauf’s studio into the existing Garden.

Wrestling History: Points Along a Journey of Dis/covery Hidden in the Temple The New Gallery // 201 E 21st St. // Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 12pm to 5pm and by appointment // Closes December 9th

Wrestling History: Points Along a Journey of Dis/covery Hidden in the Temple brings together a diverse selection of Houston and Rotterdam based artist Angelbert Metoyer’s spiritually and politically engaged works, including paintings, sculptural installation, mixed-media collage, and video. Metoyer combines his interest in philosophy, quantum physics, and astronomy with an investigation of identity and mythology, drawing from stories within his own family heritage—the Cane River Creoles of eighteenth-century Louisiana.

Xu Bing: Book from the Sky // Blanton Museum of Art // 200 E Martin Luther King Jr. St. (MLK at Congress) // Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10am to 5pm; Saturday: 11am to 5pm; Sunday: 1pm to 5pm // Closes January 22nd

Regarded as one of the masterpieces of twentieth-century Chinese art, Book from the Sky ushered in the avant-garde movement in post-Mao era China. It also won Xu Bing international recognition, including the prestigious MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Award. Since its completion in the early 1990s, this profound meditation on the nature of language has been exhibited globally, a testimony to its provocative power and ability to engage viewers beyond its original context.

The People’s Gallery 2016 Exhibition Austin City Hall // 301 W. 2nd St. // Hours: Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm // Closes January 2017

The 2016 People’s Gallery exhibition features over 100 works from Austin-area artists, galleries, museums, and arts organizations displayed throughout the first three floors of City Hall.

Orly Genger: Hurlyburly Waller Creek Boathouse // 74 Trinity St. // Closes February 2017

Set to change the landscape of public art in Austin, Waller Creek Conservancy and The Contemporary Austin today announced a new partnership that will serve as a catalyst for creating new public art initiatives. The first exhibition will feature a new, large-scale interactive art installation by internationally renowned artist Orly Genger, near the mouth of Waller Creek.

Work In Progress 1

Spirit Animals: Art by Patrick Hobbie Austin Art Garage // 2200 S Lamar Blvd Ste J // Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11am to 6pm; Sunday: noon to 5pm 

What’s your spirit animal? Patrick Hobbie has many. In this new series, Hobbie uses ink and watercolor to capture the spirit of an animal and the energy that surrounds it. While he paints, he thinks of the impression of his subject’s form and the life-force that drives it, resulting in an image that becomes alive. Patrick Hobbie’s work represents a form of controlled chaos that truly captures the expression and spirit within. 

lullabies and new language

Lullabies and New Language  Dimension Gallery // 979 Springdale St // Hours: Saturday – Sunday: 12 – 6pm  

Lullabies and New Language entails a self reflexive examination that draws upon mythologies and realms such as, mysticism, science fiction, religious lore, and psychology. Revealing an acute interiority through visual narrative and material verse, these sculptures are an intentional individual inspection of creation myth. Literary and visual references such as The Hunt of the Unicorn, Renditions of Biblical Creation, and Cherokee Earth-Diver Myth ignite illusory reconciliations that are surveyed through studio processes that consist of a permutation of traditional mediums.

Upcoming Exhibitions & Events


Hotbox Residency: Kayle Karbowski and Leah Shirley Mass Gallery // August 4th — September 8th // 507 Calles St. Ste 108

MASS will transform its gallery space into a working studio for two artists this summer. The fourth annual Hotbox residency program will take place over a 5-week period and will give selected artists the opportunity to explore new ideas or practices, while allowing them to engage with the Austin community. Taking advantage of the prime production time of the summer months, MASS hopes to nurture projects through this program that would not be realized otherwise. 

disparate mythos

Disparate Mythos: Women of Sculpture Dimension Gallery // August 5th — September 5th, Reception August 5th 7 – 10pm // 979 Springdale St

Dimension Gallery is hosting a special one month exhibition, opening August 5th, featuring women sculptors entitled ‘Disparate Mythos: Women of Sculpture’. Containing elements different from one another. The artist’s personal folklore is represented, informing the collective mythos. Patterns of beliefs diverge and reconvene. The common thread is the female experience and reflecting one’s story using dimensionality. 


Hammer/Hefner: Work by Joseph Hammer and David Hefner Davis Gallery // August 6th — September 17th, Reception August 6th, 7 – 9pm // 837 West 12th Street

Davis Gallery is proud to announce the new works by Austin based abstract artists Joseph Hammer and David Hefner. Both artists are known for an intense exploration of their own unique brand of color, repetition, and pattern. HAMMER/HEFNER will feature simultaneously, a continuation of their career pursuits, as well as new perspectives on their signature mediums.

engaged in conversation

Engaged in Conversation: Katie Maratta + Sydney Yeager Gallery Shoal Creek // August 10th — September 10th, Reception August 19th, 6 – 8pm // 2832 E. MLK Jr. Blvd Ste 3

The conversation between Sydney Yeager and Katie Maratta began in late 2015, and the enthusiasm built as the two found similarities in their visual language. Soon the duo declared, “We want to do an exhibition together.”  It was not until Sydney arrived with a set of minimally painted color fields and Katie unveiled a series of cloudscapes that I began to grasp the vision percolating in their creative minds. 

peter max

Peter Max Russell Collection// Uncrating Party Friday, August 12th, 6 – 8pm; Previews begin Saturday, August 13th; Meet the Artist Saturday, August 20th, 6 – 8pm; Sunday, August 21st, 12 – 3pm // 1137 W 6th St

RSVP Required: 512 478 4440;

Peter Max has inspired Americans for more than four decades. His one-man museum exhibitions have had record-breaking attendance while also demonstrating how fine art can extend beyond museum walls and enrich non-traditional media, such as a Continental Airlines super jet and a 600 ft. Woodstock stage. 

austin bodies

The Austin Bodies Project: Works by Doc List // Art for the People Gallery // August 12th — October 8th, Opening Reception Friday, August 12th, 6:30 – 9pm // 1711 S 1st St

Austin photographer Doc List celebrates the human body in its diverse expressions of strength and beauty in his passion project, The Austin Bodies Project. He writes, ”I’m fascinated by and involved in the fitness community in Austin. I find the human body to be beautiful and mysterious and wonderful and decided to begin a project to celebrate the human body with a focus on fitness of various kinds. That doesn’t mean that the bodies need to fit any definition of perfect. Rather, it’s about people and their journeys and the results they’ve achieved.”

station to station art alliance

Green Screen Film Series: Doug Aitken’s Station to Station Laguna Gloria // Friday, August 12th, 7 – 11pm //3809 W 35th St

FREE for members / $10 general admission

The Green Screen Film Series presents films in the outdoor amphitheater at Laguna Gloria. Come early, bring a blanket, and picnic at dusk. A train traveling from the Atlantic to the Pacific is home to a changing group of artists, musicians, and performers, who collaborate on a series of explosive happenings along the route. Directed by Doug Aitken; with Beck, Mark Bradford, Jackson Browne, William Eggleston, Urs Fischer, Thurston Moore, Giorgio Moroder, No Age, Cat Power, Ed Ruscha, Patti Smith, Mavis Staples, Lawrence Weiner, and more. 

art alliance SecondSaturdaysFamiliesCreatebuttonFeb2016

Second Saturdays: Ice Painting Laguna Gloria // Saturday, August 13th, 11am – 3pm //3809 W 35th St

Beat the heat with this icy workshop! Make a colorful painting using ice cubes, then watch professional ice sculptor Sean Leahy create a one-of-a-kind work of art before your eyes. The Contemporary Austin offers free monthly hands-on art-making activities, brought to you by HomeAway. Recommended for ages 2–11. 

Family Day UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum // Sunday, August 14th, 12 – 4pm // 605 Robert E Lee Rd

Family Days offer special, hands-on programs designed for families with children, four to ten years old. Families have the opportunity to explore the UMLAUF while engaging in creative activities. Listen to stories, do yoga in the garden, watch sculpture demos, enjoy live music and more. Free and open to the public.

Art after Six The People’s Gallery // August 26th, 6 – 8pm // 301 W 2nd St

Artist talks begin at 6:15 pm in Council Chambers. The gallery will be open for self-guided tours 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Artworks are on display on the first three floors. Pick up a gallery guide on the first floor. Featured artists: Jennifer Idol, Kirk Marsh, Shelley Wood.

crit group art alliance

Honesty of Rocks: Crit Group Exhibition grayDUCK Gallery // August 26th — September 25th, Reception August 26th, 7 – 10pm // 2213 E Cesar Chavez St

This group exhibition features work by compelling artists who participated in the museum’s Crit Group—a seven-month-long program that supports a strong artistic practice through monthly critiques of art and professional development workshops.

Art after Six The People’s Gallery // September 30th, 6 – 8pm // 301 W 2nd St

Artist talks begin at 6:15 pm in Council Chambers. The gallery will be open for self-guided tours 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Artworks are on display on the first three floors. Pick up a gallery guide on the first floor. Featured artists: Brent Baggett, Mery Godigna Collet, Teruko Nimura.

Warhol by the Book Blanton Museum of Art // October 16th — January 29th // 200 E MLK Jr. Blvd

The Blanton Museum of Art at The University of Texas at Austin presents Warhol By the Book, the first museum exhibition in the United States to examine Andy Warhol’s career-long work in books—an overlooked and important aspect of the artist’s life and career. The exhibition presents nearly all of Warhol’s book projects from his early days as a student in Pittsburgh and commercial illustrator in New York to his years as a Pop art pioneer and superstar celebrity.