What is Art Alliance Austin?

Art Alliance connects the public to Austin’s contemporary art community.

We work collaboratively with artists, museums, independent curators, and galleries to create a diverse and powerful series of programming which highlights Austin as an emerging contemporary arts capital. Art Alliance’s mission is to support and contribute to the growth, prominence, and sustainability of Austin’s art scene, ultimately making Austin a great art city.


What we do?

1) Produce and curate Art City Austin, Art Alliance Austin’s 3-day art fair. It’s the largest art marketplace in central Texas and includes top contemporary art galleries from across the state.

2) Promote the entire Austin visual art community, each week, with Austin Art Weekly. A free and comprehensive guide and the best arts resource in Austin.

3) Throw Austin’s biggest and craziest contemporary art party each fall, ARTBASH.

4) Austin Art Breaks are unique monthly experiences that educate and connect Art Alliance members to Austin’s visual art scene.

5) Produce Pecha Kucha, a local chapter of the global phenomenon. PK is brief talks by members of Austin’s creative community including Oscar nominees, Grammy winners, and Austin’s best artists and designers.

6) The leader of Art Austin, a coalition of galleries, museums, and art spaces designed to work together to elevate Austin’s fine art community.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve worked to create a connected series of platforms to showcase the artwork that is being made, sold, and exhibited in Austin. We’ve taken a leadership role at Art Austin, a pooled marketing effort for Austin galleries, museums, and alternative art spaces. We’ve created monthly art education meet-ups called Art Breaks. We’ve created the most comprehensive listing of art exhibitions and events with Austin Art Weekly. Because of these changes, we’ve increased membership, corporate sponsorship and our reach digitally and in person – reaching over 11,000 people per year in person and over 20,000 per digitally every week.

We’re continuing to tweak this programming because we are in continual dialogue with our gallery, museum, and artist partners. Our mission is to support them and contribute to the growth, prominence, and sustainability of Austin art scene.

Affordability is a key topic of discussion in Austin today and a lot of organizations are working on how to combat that issue and make sure that Austin stays the creative and wonderful place that so many people have fallen in love with. Cost-of-living is part of that conversation, the other part is revenue for artists. We focus on creating opportunities for artists and galleries to create new sales, new commissions, and new connections to more opportunities. This part of the conversation is just as important, if not more important than that cost-of-living conversation because the growth of our city will inevitably increase costs but it also increases opportunity, and so it’s critical to have nonprofit organizations like ours that can work in the interest of the arts to realize those opportunities.


Who are we?

We have deep roots, yet run on the energy and passion of entrepreneurs – call us a 68-year-old startup. We’re a staff of three, with the backing of a dedicated board, and a multitude of volunteers. We’re a bootstrapped organization that has a broad mix of earned and contributed revenue.

Art Alliance and our supporters are dedicated to ensuring that the Austin of tomorrow reflects the contemporary and vibrant city that we all envision and want to live in. We believe that Austin should not just be the live music capital of the world but also be the best city for contemporary art in Texas.


Key Statistics

  • $2.5 million in annual economic impact
  • $100K+ in commissioned projects since 2008
  • 15K annual event attendees / 1K annual event volunteers / 50 annual volunteer leaders
  • 41 gallery partners in 2016
  • 14 museum and non-profit organization partners in 2016
  • 166 artists featured in programming in 2016


Art Alliance Austin is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We rely on you to make all that we do possible. Please consider becoming a member today, enjoy the benefits and exclusive events that accompany membership, and know that you’re helping us do the work necessary to support the Austin art community.

TaxID/EIN: 74-2538787

Want to help? Here’s how you can:

  1. Become a memberLearn more about membership here.
  2. Donate: Donations can be made here.
  3. Volunteer: Interested in volunteering? Contact us at info@artallianceaustin.org for current opportunities.
  4. Tell a friend and share our work on social media: facebook, instagram, and twitter


It goes right into our programming. We’re growing in order to enhance and expand current programming and if things go well we’ve got new programming partnerships lined up.


We currently have 4 targeted growth opportunities. Interested in learning more? Contact Jade Walker.


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Donors / Members
Stacey Abel
Veronica Acevedo
Dane Adkinson
Richard Aleksander
Amber Allen
Armando Almendarez
Brandy Amstel
R. Michael Anderson
Gary Armstrong
Heather Ashline
Dana Azurin
Eugenie Baranoff
Nisa Barger
Paul & Ilene Barr
John Beales
Barbara and Jim Bearden
Ryan Bennett
Nevena Bentz
Skye Best
Sheila Bingham
Paige Booth
Lisa Boyd
Jason Brooks
S Nicholson Brorby
Vanessa Bruner
Janice Burckhardt
Janet Burner
Chella Cardona
Bree Carrico
Sergio Cavazos
Pamela Champagne
Aaron Choate
Emily Coleman
Elizabeth Collins
Kari Commagere
Carrie Cook
Lonnie Cooper
Paige Cox
Tara Daniel
Brenda & Darrell David
Dan Day
Jared Deckwa
Paul Degroot
Beverly Dennis
John Dodson
Ronald Dunn
Suzann Dvorken
David Edmondson
Tull Farley

Mary Ellen Farrar
Melissa Foles
Karen Frost
Francine Funke
Joel Ganucheau
Charles Gierman
Christine Ginkel
Leila Godbold
Cole Godvin
Sandra Gregor
Wesley Griffin
Christian Guella
Dora I Guzman Ramos
Richard Hand
Sally Hartman
Olivia Hayden
Mike Hebert
Charles Heimsath
Drue Henegar
Eric Hiduke
Kheili Hiller
Becky Hopkins
Jennifer Houlihan
Jaymie Howard
Katherine Hull
Andrea Hyland
Karen Jantsch
Michelle Jantsch
Kristin & Mary Johnson
Cheryl Johnston
Kerry Joyce
Rachel June
Spring Karlo
Julie Keef
Brittany Kelly
David Kivel
Christine Lee
Jingqi LI
Brian Linder
Andrew Lippstone
Adam Lozoya
Lauren Macknight
Steve Maddox
Taylor Marchman
Jessica Martinez
Ryan Matthews
Rachel May
Rebecca McDuff
Tish McKernan

Melissa Miller
Nina & Matthew Mitchell
Keith Morton
Tony Napolillo
Sarah Perez
Tom Pierson
Aram Pourmehdi
John Pruett
Ashlee Pryor
Carrie Purcell
Marcia Raff
Chad Rea
Stephen Redman
Beth Remsbury
Rick & Jo Ann Reyna
Tyler Robarge
Blake Rolland
Daniel Russell
Paige Russell
Peter Ryder
Curtis Schauer
Naomi Schlinke
Cori Schneider
Jill Schroeder
Gary Seghi
Meghan Shogan
Trish Sierer
Carole Sikes
Marty Spellerberg
Sid Stallings
Dana Stripling
Kassandra Sullivan
Joel Sumner
Kevin Sweeney
Sandy Talen
A C Teitelman
Dan Terry
Chris Thomlinson
Wendy Dunnam Tita
Sara Trumet
Malati Vasudevan
Jean-Pierre Verdijo Verdijo
Jade Walker
Janice Weeks
John West
Cori Wilbanks
Kimberly Wolf
Nancy Woolfolk
Dianah Wylde
Elizabeth Young


Art Alliance Austin Staff


Jade Walker is the Interim Executive Director of Art Alliance Austin. She oversees the vision as well as the overall management for the organization. She was previously the director of the Visual Arts Center and the Courtyard Gallery at The University of Texas at Austin and ran the Baughman Center at the University of Florida. Jade is a practicing artist and received the Artist of the Year Award in 2016 from the Austin Critics’ Table. Originally from Tampa, Florida, she moved to Austin in 2005. She earned her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Florida and her MFA in Studio Art from The University of Texas at Austin. She sits on the Austin Art in Public Places Panel for the City of Austin and the planning committee for Christian- Green Gallery at the Warfield Center.

Andrea Hyland is the Program and Events Manager and manages programming and events for the organization.  Andrea’s exceptional event production experience includes both large and intimate events varying from curated exhibitions to large fundraising events.  Andrea has previously worked with Art Alliance Austin as the curator for ARTBASH 2015 and collaborated with artists locally and from across the country where she proved her talent in creating captivating events that engage new audiences with contemporary art. Andrea is from Springfield, Massachusetts and moved to Austin in 2007. She earned her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin.

Ashlee Pryor is the Digital Marketing & Community Manager of Art Alliance Austin. She manages the structure for community building VIA social media as well as overseeing coordination of membership endeavors. Originally from Harlingen, Texas, she moved to Austin in 2010. In addition to managing our digital marketing, she is also the Social Media Coordinator for ColdTowne Theater on Airport Blvd.


Support Our Efforts

Your support through membership, donations, and volunteering enables Art Alliance Austin to engage people with great art and allows us to respond quickly and effectively to new ideas that you wish to see happen. Join or renew your membership with a simple online membership form. Like us on Facebook too!


Art Alliance Austin is funded in part by board trustees, members, and patrons. Additional support is provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art.

Art Alliance Austin projects are funded and supported in part by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts and in part by the City of Austin Economic Growth & Redevelopment Services Office/Cultural Arts Division, believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future.