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Mixed-media artist Cherie Weaver along with Moya and Colin McIntyre (of Dimension Gallery), Terra Goolsby and Magdalena Jarkoweic will be stop no. 246 of WEST, as part of a group show entitled “Metamorphosis.” The opening is Friday, May 12th from 7-11PM and will also showcase a set of dance performances by Jarkowiec (8PM) and Jennifer Sherburn (9;30 PM) with cello interludes by Aux Aux between dance performances. Their pop-up gallery is located in the space formerly occupied by Mockingbird Domestics – 2151 S. Lamar. In addition to the fantastic opening-night event, the work will be on view May 12-13 and May 20-21

Artist: Cherie Weaver

Primary medium: Paint, ink, pencil and paper-based mixed media

Why do you make art?

Eva Hese, Giorgio Morandi, Ray Eames, James Baldwin, Francis Ponge, Heather Parrish, Matthew Rodriguez, Alice Coltrane…so many people, plants, animals, bodies of water, good intentions.

Why paper?

It begins and ends with paper, how the surface absorbs or repels, how the pencil or brush settle upon the tooth. Sorry, computer :)

 How long have you been an artist and how has your practice changed over time?

In 1996, I ran out of words and began painting. My practice has become more empathic, inquisitive and confident as I age. It has been very centering and exciting to realize that everything one can make is derivative, an echo or reflex, an irreverent fuck you or a thoughtful meditation on what has come before.

What are you working on right now?

The titles of my two latest works are “Wherein the Universal Oneness Appears in the Form of Cosmic Amoeba-Christ, Disrupting the 45th President’s Isolationist-Extremist Agenda and Ending Controversial Efforts to Erect a Nation-spanning Border Wall to Separate the US and Mexico” and “Wherein the Universe Rewards All of its Elements Struggling for Intersectional (R)Evolution with the Sudden Realization that Love Wins, Always”. Which I think covers the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ pretty nicely.

What does the Austin arts community need most as the city continues to grow?

With very little sarcasm, I’ll say: Less bespoke cocktail

C. Weaver practices art because she’s run out of words, And yet…sentience, mystery, grace, death and chaos!

Keep up with Cherie on her website.

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