Edward Martin

What inspires/motivates your work?
The love of creation and the quest to always create new work.

Why do you choose to work in this medium?
I love the endless ways to work with it.

How long have you been an artist, and how has your practice changed over time?
Full time for 25 years and started working with glass 45 years.

What are you making now and why?
3 denominational box framed fuse glass that mimics fabric. I love the flow of it.

What can we expect from your exhibition at Art City Austin 2020?
Brand new work that will be an exploration of color and movement.

Edward Martin is an award winning artist who has spent over 40 years developing his craft. A full time artist creating and selling at shows for over 20 years is part of the “Outsider Art” movement, completely self taught, without outside influences on his work. Working in his self built glass studio and complete metal fabricating shop at his home in Springfield Illinois. Through the years he has perfected the art of beveling, fusing, three dimensional etching and glass staining as well as traditional glass work and now specializes in contemporary 3 dimensional works in glass and metal. Ed Martin’s designs are totally created by drawing from the subconscious without any preconceived plans or drawings which truly makes all work one of a kind. Always changing and innovating new designs has made Ed Martins work collected by clients all around the country, some with as many as 50 pieces in there collections. Ed Martin has shown his work form Los Angeles to New York and has pieces in over 8 countries around the world.

Follow Edward Martin’s work:
website: www.edmartinart.com / www.martinartlighting.com
Facebook: martinartlighting
Instagram: edmartinart