What are you working on now?
I am working on both Public Art Projects and sculptural and installation series. My work is related to using multiple mediums including sculpture, sound, drawing and video. I am usually always building something, collecting objects and transforming them into sculpture. Recently, I have been interested in creating functional and immersive works that relate to issues in our current environment and how humans impact spaces. I am intrigued about being in certain kind of environments and how different spaces affect us psychologically. This Exhibition Ghosts and Trojans seeks to think about vestiges of hostile or exclusive spaces like the Trojan horse or other types of vitrines, mazes, the in-between or unknown.

What draws you to curation?
I have curated a few Exhibitions but I am generally interested in art and objects and stories of how artist come about making their work and how they display it. After finishing my BFA at Texas State University, along with a group of artists we started 210 studios in San Marcos that became a curatorial space and gave artists the opportunity to create Exhibitions and use it as a project space.  It becomes collaborative when you curate a show so that is inspiring. I am also interested in working with non-artists as curating my own work and using instructions and other people’s experiences that can play a part in the final installations.

How long have you been an artist and how your practice changed over time?
I have been an artist a long time, about twenty-two years. I played percussion at age ten and always made films and other stuff throughout high-school. I didn’t know you could be a serious artist until I attended Texas State University where I met great mentors who showed me the way. I painted for four or five years and then moved more towards sculpture which felt like a significant change at the time. My work constantly moves between mediums so I feel like it’s always changing. My creative habits are intuitive and spontaneous. Often, I use themes to help guide me through shows and ideas so my work now is sort of conceptual and process driven.

In your opinion, what does the Austin arts community need as the city continues to grow?
Austin has always been an exclusive space to me in the Art World. It would be great to see an International Residency opportunity develop if that hasn’t already happened yet.

Kasey is an Interdisciplinary artist and educator living in Texas. His artwork lives between installation and sculpture inhabiting worlds of equal weight. Kasey received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Texas State University and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He is included this year for the Support for Artists and Creative Individuals Grant from the Houston Art Alliance that includes a solo Exhibition at Art League Houston. Kasey has shown both Nationally and Internationally and participated in the 2018 Art Rotterdam Fair and in the 2013 Texas Biennial and will be included in additional Solo-Exhibitions in 2019. Kasey currently teaches at The University of North Texas.

Keep up with Kasey’s work through social media:
Website: www.kaseyshort.com
Facebook: Kasey Short
Instagram: sirdukeofkasey