mesmerize art and dance

Join us at Native Hostel on November 29th for the launch party of Austin’s newest traveling dance party & art experience, MESMERIZE.  Featuring brand new immersive art, beats vibes by Thien, local makers & shops, fan favorite photo booth memories & incredible food & drink options!

1. What inspires/motivates your work?

The need to survive coupled with the disdain for a 9am to 5pm corporate lifestyle plus a desire to create something beautiful and meaningful for others.

2. Why these mediums?

Trial and error.  We have a knack for audio & visual elements since our training is in this realm of technology, but we love to learn something fresh so we’re constantly experimenting with new mediums, techniques, and styles to continue to grow as artists & makers.

3. How long have you been an artist, and how has your practice changed over time?

We have both been making art in a variety of ways since we were kids/teenagers.  Making art is inherently fun for us, despite the medium in use, and once you get good producing art plenty of people will pay for it—so we’re just trying to keep getting better at it all the time.

4. What are you making now & why?

Currently we are focusing on curating a series of immersive art experiences consisting of high-energy-positivity-inducing dance parties & new interactive art installations.  Our goal is to tour as artists, hosting & producing art shows & experiences all over the world for a wide variety of patrons & communities.

5. What does the Austin arts community need most as the city continues to grow?

More artists helping other artists.  Fostering collaboration and building community is how artists will continue growing in this town.


IEC is creative agency pursuing excellence in interactive art experiences, immersive designs, hybrid spaces, and curated live events for people everywhere.  We produce the traveling dance party & art experience, MESMERIZE.  Based in Austin, TX.
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