Name: Terra Goolsby

Primary Medium: Sculpture, Porcelain and fur

Tell us about your upcoming exhibition:
I have an upcoming exhibition at Dimension Gallery entitled Black Rainbow. It is a solo exhibition of new
sculpture. The work consists of a variety of sensual materials including, porcelain, fur, and quartz and it is
about idolatry and it’s association with sculpture. My focus was on formal elements, exploring surface,
tactility, and form while abstracting figurative works. The exteriors are slick and reflective and the interiors
are very tactual to establish bonds and place emphasis on materiality. The opening reception is August 16th
from 7-10pm with gallery hours on Saturdays from 12-5pm at Dimension Gallery, 979 Springdale, Austin Tx

What are you working on now?
Right now I’m deciphering which creative projects to begin. I am at a pivotal point with the completion of a
solo exhibition and Icosa Gallery (another gallery where I exhibit work) moving into a new space at Canopy. I
think the porcelain work that I have been producing over the past 3 or 4 years has reached a point of fruition
and it is time to entertain new ideas.

What draws you to your medium?
That is a tricky question because I am a multi media artist. I have been working primarily in porcelain though
over the past 4 years. I like it because when I first started sculpting it was with clay, so on a personal level, I
always feel as if I am returning to a ‘mother medium’. I also like that clay is so malleable yet delicate. There is
also an element of alchemy when working with clay which I love. Alchemy always feels magical in some way.
The firing and glazing processes are definitely alchemic.

How long have you been an artist and how has your practice changed over time?
I have always drawn. Even as a small child I always spent a lot of time drawing. I made a conscious
commitment to being an artist when I was 19 though. I became particularly drawn to sculpture and clay at
that time as well. It was easy for me to manipulate three dimensional materials. In a lot of ways it is easier for
me to sculpt than it is for me to draw or paint. My practice has changed a lot over time. I use different
materials depending on the ideas that inform my work. I used to sculpt by carving and burning stacks of
paper and then recycling the material into carbon for example. That work is very different from my current
work on both a visual and conceptual level. I also tend to produce in cycles. I focus on a series of works for
4 years or so and then I move on to a new body of work. I think I am about to cycle into a new body of work
after the solo exhibition at Dimension Gallery this August, but we will see how I feel in a couple of months.

In your opinion, what does the Austin arts community need as the city continues to grow?
As the city of Austin continues to grow, the arts community needs affordable space for artist studios and
exhibitions. Raising prices in rents have forced artists to relocate all too often with few options in terms of
affordable space.

Terra Goolsby is a multi-media artist that draws upon mythologies, mysticism, science fiction, religious lore,
and psychology. Her work connects old narratives and new cultural assessments of female sexuality while
investigating the integration of creation and destruction, interiority and exteriority, collectivity and
singularity, as well as strength and vulnerability. It’s beauty and politics delve into darker aspects of
femininity that lie concealed, dormant or just beneath the surface such as the predatory and the seductive.
With a focus on the uncompromising, unbridled and primordial nature of characters and settings, her work
harbors an aesthetic that is both dangerous and sensual.

Terra Goolsby holds an MFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has been an artist in
residence at several institutions including West Dean College of Sussex University in Chichester, England,
Vermont Studio Center, and I-Park Foundation in New Hampshire. Her work has been exhibited through out
Texas, nationally, and internationally. She continues to work and live in Austin, Texas.

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