ysabel lemay art

Name: Ysabel LeMay

Primary Medium: photography / digital composite

Tell us about your upcoming exhibition:

solo exhibition DeBellefeuille gallery Toronto, spring 2019

-Art Miami, December 2018

-ARTBASH, Austin TX. November 9th

-Aipad, March 2019

What are you working on now?

-I am presently studying mathematics and new software applications to create a series of work based on geometry and nature

What draws you to your medium?

-It’s flexibility and rapidity and the convenience of working with a minimum equipment. I like the idea of fitting my entire studio in one suitcase.

How long have you been an artist and how your practice changed over time?

-I have been an artist for the last 32 years. I changed my medium of expression 3 times already. I was first a graphic designer specialized in image making, then a painter and now a photographer.

In your opinion, what does the Austin arts community need as the city continues to grow?

INVESTORS! And collectors…

Ysabel LeMay

Since winning the New York KiptonART 2011 Rising Stars Program, the work of Austin, Texas-based artist Ysabel LeMay has seen more than 115 exhibitions around the globe and has been acquired for the corporate collections of Chevron, Bloomingdale’s and Bacardi, and the permanent collections at Museum of Photographic Arts and the Morris Museum.

In 2013, LeMay participated in the Texas Biennial and in 2015, she represented Texas at the fourth edition of Women to Watch in Washington, D.C. In 2017, LeMay held a solo retrospective show at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey. In 2018, she was a visiting instructor at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop in New Mexico.

Growing up in Quebec, Canada, LeMay fastened her connection to the natural world at her family’s cottage in the northern wilderness of the province. But it was the jungle of the advertising world where LeMay honed her visual expression. After 15 years in the industry, she sought a more rewarding path for her creativity, refocusing initially on painting and then photography.

While her technique is high-tech, LeMay’s hypercollage process sees her traveling the globe on photographic expeditions, accumulating vast reserves of natural imagery. These she studiously reviews, extracting elements according to her intuition and assembling them into baroque tableaux venerating the undeniable majesty and generosity of nature.

LeMay has brought her hypercollages to a place where they now serve as records of natural splendor perpetually in motion – as expressed by an artist who herself shows no interest in standing still.

Social Media: Instagram: ysabellemay / Facebook: Ysabel LeMay

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