Tell us about your upcoming exhibition (if applicable). I will have a solo exhibition at CAMIBAart opening on May 23, 6-9p.

What are you working on now?
New work for the fall, two commission pieces.

What draws you to your medium? The versatility of vinyl allows me to reach various aesthetics, based on the process used.

How long have you been an artist and how has your practice changed over time?
I began creating art consistently in 2002. Initially I was heavily influenced by the Pop Art movement and since have slowly morphed styles into more of a abstract and geometric aesthetic.

In your opinion, what does the Austin arts community need as the city continues to grow?
I would love to see more partnerships of various arts organizations, etc.

Adreon Henry is an experienced and skilled silkscreen and installation artist whose been working in Austin, TX for almost 20 years. He often works around the themes of time, community and perspective. Henry’s use of variety of screen printing techniques on non-traditional mediums has allowed him to created a signature visual style; while his many years as a musician gives him a strong foundation to create magnificent soundscapes and interactive installations.


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