Beyond the Bio is a series that takes you past the canvas and into the minds of the artists and curators who build the contemporary arts community.

Jewelry Designer Jess Leigh will be featured at Art City Austin: Art Alliance Austin’s 3-day art fair from March 31st – April 2nd at the Palmer Events Center.

Artist: Jess Leigh from New Orleans, Louisiana

Primary medium: Jewelry

Why do you make art?

I create jewelry (wearable art) because it is so fulfilling to make something that connects with another person. Seeing how something you made by following your heart and creative instincts can affect another is unbelievably humbling and altogether flattering at the same time. I love being able to create!

Why jewelry?

I bumbled for a few years before settling on wearable creations. To me, it’s nice to be able to wear your art and display a collection in everyday life.

How long have you been an artist and how has your practice changed over time?

I’ve been at it for over 10 years now! Wow. I made only gemstone bracelets and repurposed vintage when I started. Now I’m casting and wrapping and setting stones myself and I learn more skills at every opportunity!

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on a new waxcast collection. It’s mostly nature inspired and I’m excited to see how it develops!

Why make the journey to Austin?

I love Austin! I feel like the art and culture are very similar to New Orleans and I love the chill vibe of the city.

Keep up with Jess on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Beyond the Bio is curated by Art Alliance Austin, with the assistance of Scott Nyerges.