Sponsor Spotlight: Black Fret


This is Black Fret’s 3rd year supporting Art City Austin by providing some of Austin’s finest live music. Black Fret is proud to sponsor the live music stage and provide some of Austin’s finest musicians an opportunity to perform during Art City Austin.



Saturday Schedule

11:00 Beto & the Fairlanes

12:10 Peterson Brothers

1:20 Abram Shook

2:30 Dana Falconberry

3:40 Harvest Thieves

4:50 Akina Adderley

Sunday Schedule


11:00 The Gospel Stars

12:10 Ray Prim

1:20 The Digital Wild

2:30 Dawn & Hawkes

3:40 Cowboy Diplomacy

4:50 Money Chicha


Black Fret is a local nonprofit headquartered in Austin, Texas,  the “Live Music Capital of the World.” It is built upon a simple principle… that local music is art; and as art, deserves our support. Their Mission is to empower musicians to create and perform new music. Currently, Black Fret has funded $500,000 in grants to 56 bands consisting of 300 musicians.




Black Fret provides those who love Austin music with the opportunity to become a Patron of Local Music. In return, their members gain unprecedented access to the finest of Austin’s music. Black Fret delivers a truly premium listening experience featuring some of the finest bands in town at intimate locations.

Intimate house listening session with 2017 nominee Sarah Sharp. Photo by Nicola Gell


Listening session at a local venue with grant recipient “Quiet Company”. Photo by Kyle Girgus


Over the next decade Black Fret plans to fund hundreds of bands and thousands of new songs while building a new Austin institution capable of supporting the sustained artistic, cultural and economic growth of Austin and the artists who call it home.