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February 15-22

Exciting things are happening in Austin art community this week! Austin Art Weekly is Art Alliance Austin’s weekly arts calendar. Scroll down to view the complete calendar of highlighted, current, and upcoming events for this week and beyond. Sign up is easy, get Austin Art Weekly in your inbox each week.

Thursday, February 16th

Nicole Awai: Material Re-Pose 

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 16 from 5 to 7 pm

Courtyard Gallery at UT Austin // AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center 2nd Level

February 16 – April 29

The Courtyard Gallery is featuring Material Re-pose by the Trinidad-born artist Nicole Awai, who joined the Department of Art and Art History as Assistant Professor in Painting and Drawing in 2015. This exhibition focuses on Awai’s non-medium-specific painting practice, which moves fluidly between two and three dimensions to explore notions of identity and history, and will feature a site-specific drawing executed directly on the walls of the Courtyard Gallery.

Friday, February 17th

Zoë Shulman: Circuit Topology 

Opening Reception: Friday February 17 from 6 to 8pm, Artist Discussion: Saturday February 25 at 1pm


2832 E MLK Jr. Blvd, Suite 111

February 17 – March 11

Zoë Schulman’s colorful approach fuses traditional analytical ideologies with imaginative expression. Fascinated with the scholarly as much as with the creative, Zoë‘s nonconformist inspiration derives from theory, chaos, and circuitry. Observing the progression of her artistry through her unique presentation of painting, design, sculpture and installation, one can’t help but recognize Zoë’s undeniable talents! CAMIBAart is honored to introduce Zoë Schulman and her first solo exhibit, Circuit Topology.

Additional Exhibition Openings & Events

Perspectives: Sonya Clark Blanton Museum of Art // Thursday, February 16 from 6:30 to 7:30pm // 200 E Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

Acclaimed artist Sonya Clark talks about her career and her portrait of Madam C.J. Walker, currently on view at the museum. Funding provided by the Carolyn Harris Hynson Centennial Endowment.

Place to Place de stijl // February 17 to April 15 // Opening Reception; Friday, February 17 from 7 to 10pm // 1006 W. 31st Street

Each of Larry Graeber’s works is a resolution of two competing tendencies—an intuitively curious exploration of materials and a deliberate approach to composition. As a result, the works on view in Place to Place are both individual environments and related instances of the artist’s approach. Graeber’s works steadily weave between subjective depictions and pure abstraction.

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Ongoing Exhibitions

A Wandering Disposition Art on 5th // 3005 South Lamar Boulevard #110b // Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10am to 6pm // Closes February 15

ART on 5th will be showing a group exhibition of printmakers during PrintAustin 2017. This exhibit includes six artists who work in traditional print media ranging from etching, stone lithography, and silkscreen printing. “A Wandering Disposition” is a collection of work reflecting on humankind’s relationship to the world around us, and the ways in which our subconscious mind may experience it.

Artists include: Liz Hermanson, Brian Johnson, Catherine Prose, Coco Rico, Aftyn Shah, Brandon Snow. RSVP for Opening Reception here.

Orly Genger: Hurlyburly Waller Creek Boathouse // 74 Trinity St. // Closes February 2017

Set to change the landscape of public art in Austin, Waller Creek Conservancy and The Contemporary Austin today announced a new partnership that will serve as a catalyst for creating new public art initiatives. The first exhibition will feature a new, large-scale interactive art installation by internationally renowned artist Orly Genger, near the mouth of Waller Creek.

Karen Kunc + Monika Meler Gallery Shoal Creek //  2832 E Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd // Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10am to 5pm; Saturday: 12pm to 5pm // Closes February 18

A spectrum of color and light connects Karen Kunc’s woodcuts and Monika Meler’s relief prints in this two-person exhibition. The span of time is central to both artists’ imagery. For Kunc, the natural world is where she finds inspiration; Meler draws on place—referencing memories of her childhood in Poland and her immigration to the U.S.  Strong visual imagery and technical fluency have brought each artist international recognition in printmaking.

Elvia Perrin: Works on Paper Wally Workman Gallery // 1202 W. Sixth St //  Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 10am to 5pm // Closes February 18

Perrin’s intaglio and monoprints explore the repetitiveness of multiplicity and the organization of patterns and surfaces through overlaying ink. Destruction becomes construction as Perrin cuts up, reassembles, reorganizes and prints on top of drawings, paintings, prints or photographs to find a new order. With a quiet minimalist approach, her work finds order through the layering of textures and pattern as well as a balance of the femininity and masculinity of process and print.

Wally Workman Gallery is proud to present this show in conjunction with the city-wide event PrintAustin. More information can be found at

Run-off , exhaust , and other pressures Big Medium // 916 Springdale Rd, Bldg 2, #101 // Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: noon to 6pm // Closes February 18

The contents of this show are the run-off of the human machine, the hand one degree removed. Contents under pressure are contained and used to propel. This is how a print is made. Artists include: Kayla Guthrie, Augustus Thompson, Van Hanos, Nikholis Planck, Nick Gottlund, Kandis Williams, and Claire Barrow.

Big Medium invited New York-based artist Bennet Schlesinger to co-curate an exhibition highlighting a range of print-based work from seven artists in conjunction with PrintAustin.

Taylor Winn and Dony Wynn:  Metallic + Rust Davis Gallery // 837 West 12th St // Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am to 6pm; Saturday: 10am to 4pm // Closes February 18

Davis Gallery is proud to present the work of Taylor Winn and Dony Wynn. Each artist creates stunning abstracts, full of movement and color. Taylor’s flowing paintings, and Dony’s magnified tight-shot photographs create dynamic, vibrant compositions.
Taylor Winn’s distinctive paintings, rooted in Abstract Expressionism, feature layers of rich “melting” pigments combined with gold, silver, copper or bronze metallic alkyds. Winn’s paintings reference nature, history and the geography of place with emphasis on the colors, light and movement of water on oceans, lakes and rivers.
Dony Wynn finds beauty in places most people don’t dare to tread. Junkyards, abandoned buildings, and toxic waste dumps all hold the treasure he seeks. He routinely avoids capture by the police, has eluded a rogue band of copperhead snakes, and even stared down the barrel of a gun or two, to bring Ephemerata to you. 

Erin Neve & Sarah Sudhoff: Not Original to its Location grayDUCK Gallery //  2213 E. Cesar Chavez St // Hours: Thursday – Saturday: 11am to 6pm; Sunday: 12pm to 5pm  // Closes February 19

This exhibition brings together two photographers who dive into the human body through surgeries, implants and medical waste. Erin Neve uses her own experience with surgery to create her still lifes. Sarah Sudhoff explores the material that is discarded after an important history.

Steve Wiman: Bound and Determined Dimension Gallery // 979 Springdale, Ste. 99 // Hours: Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 6pm // Closes February 19

Local artist Steve Wiman is revealing a new body of work at Dimension Gallery entitled Bound and Determined. The show will commence with an opening reception on February 2nd from 6 to 9pm and and will be open to the public for three weekends on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 6pm from February 4th through the 19th.

Bound and Determined is a reflection on the strength we find from the bonds of community in times of uncertainty. Family ties bind us together. Our chosen families are even more profoundly bound. In uncertain circumstances, our determination to be our best selves is essential. Our path must be determined by clarity and truth. This installation honors the bonds of friends and family and celebrates our determination to be better together.


naissance Gallery 701 at the Long Center // 701 W Riverside Dr // Hours: Open during performances, Public Welcome on Wednesdays 11am to 3pm (closed 12/7 & 12/21) // Closes February 20th

The Long Center, Austin’s premiere performing arts destination, is hosting Gallery 701, Austin’s newest visual arts and community based gallery. For their first invitational show they chose the theme, “naissance,” that would encompass birth, creation, the new year, and Gallery 701’s connection and commitment to the Austin Community. Show curated by Philip Rogers, artwork featured: Misha Tree by Felice House. 

Elizabeth Bick: Performances Visual Arts Center // Art Building (UT), 23rd and Trinity Streets // Hours: Monday by appointment only, Tuesday – Friday 10am to 5pm, Saturday 12 to 5pm // Closes February 24

Dancers and performers of all types increasingly find themselves in museums and galleries, so it may be surprising to see “performances” as the title for a photography exhibition. Performances stems from the idea that the divisions between the arts are not distinct, and that a true division between art and life is hard to find. Elizabeth Bick photographs both performers and pedestrians to expose the blurry division between street and stage and highlight the roles that looking and being looked at play in both contexts. She brings to this exhibition portions of three bodies of work that document and construct performances: Street Ballet, Every God, and Coda.

Ann Hamilton: ONEEVERYONE Visual Arts Center // Art Building (UT), 23rd and Trinity Streets // Hours: Monday by appointment only, Tuesday – Friday 10am to 5pm, Saturday 12 to 5pm // Closes February 24

Ann Hamilton created portraits of more then 500 local volunteers during three residencies in Austin. Her photographs were taken through a semi-opaque membrane that focuses each point where the body makes contact, extending a tactile experience into a visual form. Landmarks commissioned the project as a public art project for the Dell Medical School, where full-sized renderings will be on long-term display. Hamilton’s exhibition at the VAC includes smaller panels and working studies, as well as a 900-page book available to the public for free.

Omnibus Filing Visual Arts Center // Art Building (UT), 23rd and Trinity Streets // Hours: Monday by appointment only, Tuesday – Friday 10am to 5pm, Saturday 12 to 5pm // Closes February 24

Omnibus Filing showcases a new approach to innovation that combines arts, sciences, and engineering in a fully collaborative process. Treating The University of Texas at Austin as an innovation hub, artists have worked with researchers, scientists, engineers and emerging companies to import some radicality and creative disruption into the laboratory environment. The artists in this exhibition, Daniel Bozhkov, Patrick Killoran, Steven Brower, and James Sham have worked in various laboratories from 2016-2017 with the mandate to collaborate, cross-pollinate, and catalyze innovation with UT researchers and scientists.

Two Christmases and a Half-Birthday Visual Arts Center // Art Building (UT), 23rd and Trinity Streets // Hours: Monday by appointment only, Tuesday – Friday 10am to 5pm, Saturday 12 to 5pm // Closes February 24

The complexities of tradition, of being situated within or without it, differ for every individual. The artists of Two Christmases and a Half-Birthday challenge notions of stability associated with the image of “The Home,” taking ownership over and embracing liminality within identity, not belonging to one side or the other. Each artistic process becomes ritualistic­—cataloguing pattern in reference to memory, recreating sacred objects as a means of activating cultural spaces, challenging the value and sentiment of a commodity, and manipulating physical space and light to confront a queered personal history—as means of understanding the positions they hold in these spaces. Artists: Kendall Bradley, Haley Parsa, Jessilee Shipman,  and Dana Suleymanova. 

Sally Weber: Fractured Photo Méthode Gallery // 2832 E Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd // Closes February 24 // Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10am to 5pm; Saturday: 12pm to 5pm and by appointment // Closing Reception: February 17 from 6 to 8pm

A new series of digital photographic works by Sally Weber will be featured in “Fractured.” These images respond to the broken remnants torn or separated from the whole.

Jen Garrido: Solo Show Wally Workman Gallery // 1202 W. Sixth St // Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 10am to 5pm  // Closes February 25

Wally Workman Gallery is opening its first show with painter Jen Garrido in February. Garrido’s work depicts nature-based forms and rhythms while weighing ambiguity with representation. Her process is that of adding and subtracting, abstracting and transforming. Using gouache and watercolor, Garrido’s translucent gestures appear to evolve across each work’s negative space, inspiring a sense of lightness and life. 

Suzanne Wyss: Similar not the Same Pump Project // 702 Shady Ln // Hours: Wednesday: 12pm to 5pm; Saturday: 12pm to 5pm; and by appointment // Closes February 25

Searching for uncommon materials in common places, Wyss hunts out lush textures, repetition, and organic movement while reusing or recycling whenever possible. The hundreds of VHS tapes that make up this jungle installation are enough movies to get completely lost in.  

Will Gaynor and Adam Young: Rural Kingdoms MASS Gallery // 507 Calles Street, Suite 108 //  Hours: Friday: 5pm to 8pm; Saturday-Sunday: 12pm to 5pm // Closes March 4

Rural Kingdoms, an exhibit of all new paintings and other works from Will Gaynor and Adam Young, is a collection of work that seeks to expand the visual implications of both the words “rural” and “kingdom” – to imply that rural is more than just a place outside of town, but can be somewhere far away from even the slightest constructs of a traditional landscape – a place you can only get to from traveling your own thoughts. Maybe your kingdom has no castle – or maybe it’s in a butterfly sanctuary, or a knot in an old tree – maybe it’s a desert hallucination or it could just be a broke down barn on the side of two lane highway.

In addition to their paintings, Gaynor and Young are collaborating with Austin florist and artist, Erin Knipp, on a large scale, immersive walk-in installation within the gallery. The structure will combine the unique imagery and aesthetics in the artists’ works in an effort to create an ethereal sanctuary, befallen to, and at the same time, glorified by nature.


Susan Scafati + Sean Ripple: textscape Co-Lab Projects’ DEMO GALLERY @ The Avenue // 721 Congress Ave // Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 12 to 6pm // Closes March 4

textscape is a meditation on constructed worlds, communication and connection through the gesture of text messaging. Combining old and new photo- graphic processes, Scafati creates a multitude of iterations of the ubiquitous smart- phone textbox, extensively layering and enlarging its form from its familiar handheld 1-2 inch size to up to 7-feet. This play on scale shifts its physical relationship to the human form and suggests a metaphor for a greater psychological impact on human experience. As part of this project, Scafati com- missioned the artist Sean Ripple to create his own original interactive, performance- based works that engage some of the exhibition objects — activating their life beyond the gallery space and further drawing metaphors about public and private, presence and absence, and real and virtual. 


 Jay Bolotin: The Book of Only Enoch Flatbed Press and Gallery // 2830 East MLK Jr Blvd // Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am to 5pm; Saturday: 10 to 3:30pm // Closes March 11

Flatbed Press is pleased to present The Book of Only Enoch, a portfolio of 20 woodcut and relief etchings, and selected plates used to create the prints. Bolotin tells the story of Only Enoch, a sensitive Jewish boy from Kentucky who is named after an apocryphal book left out of the Hebrew Bible whose protagonist “went to heaven and lived to tell the tale.”

Bolotins visual work is included in many public and private collections, including The Museum of Modern Art, New York; PAFA (Philadelphia); The University of Richmond Museum, Smith College Museum, and the Australian National Museum. He grew up in rural Kentucky. 

Trá Slaughter: I Am # 1, I Am No One Art on 5th // 3005 South Lamar Blvd #110b // Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10am to 6pm; Sunday: 12 to 5pm // Closes March 12

Houston-based artist Trá Slaughter uses portraiture to examine the modern human condition. His work explores the outward expression of our inner emotions in today’s time of social media, where everybody is somebody but we are all really nobody.

Sherry Xiao: Thinking of Home and Word Play Asian American Resource Center // 8401 Cameron Road // Hours: Monday – Friday:
8am to 5pm // Closes March 18

Asian American artist Sherry Xiao explores her desire to belong to the presumed Asian American identity using elements of Chinese calligraphy. Xiao plays with the word “banana,” which sounds very similar to “thinking of home” in Chinese, and is also a slang term for Asian Americans who possess yellow skin but have been immersed in Western culture. Additionally, Xiao probes the nature of internet communication in the age of Skype, presenting abstracted patches of color mimicking the way images become grids of squares during a video chat.

Word Play is a presentation of community art produced by local children transforming Chinese characters into art. Special thanks to the young artists and community members from the Asian American Cultural Center, the Gus Garcia Recreation Center, and the Austin Chinese School.

Liz Rodda: Heat Loss Women & Their Work Gallery // 710 Lavaca St //   Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am to 6pm; Saturday: 12pm to 5pm // Closes March 21

Liz Rodda’s work involves investing found materials, primarily video, with meanings unintended by the original maker. This process begins with a broad search online and in the physical world. After developing an archive of material to work with, her role shifts from a collector to a curator of sorts. The disparate materials she collects are then paired, manipulated, and reframed to enable new interpretations.

The Haas Brothers: Animalia Lora Reynolds Gallery // 360 Nueces, Suite 50 // Hours: Wednesday – Saturday: 11am to 6pm // Closes April 1

Lora Reynolds is pleased to announce Animalia, an exhibition of sculpture, drawings, and a mural by the Haas Brothers—their first show at the gallery.

The Haas Brothers’ cartoon drawings—of cuddly, bug-eyed animals with conspicuously (often oversized) humanoid genitalia—are the connective tissue between all their sculptures, furniture, and paintings. Whether a furry chair with horns and feet, a ceramic vessel that looks like an underwater coral with wiggly tentacles, or a brass stool with knock-kneed legs, each object the Haas Brothers make is a goofy character from a bizarre, technicolor, alien ecosystem. Theirs is a utopian world of sexual freedom, shamelessness, gender/class/racial equality, and fun. 

Upcoming Exhibitions & Events

The People’s Gallery 2017 Exhibition Austin City Hall // February 2017-January 2018 // 301 W. 2nd St. // Opening Reception: Friday, February 24 from 6 to 9pm

The 2017 People’s Gallery exhibition features works from Austin-area artists, galleries, museums, and arts organizations displayed throughout the first three floors of City Hall. This free, annual exhibition is designed to showcase regional artists and to encourage public dialog, understanding, and enjoyment of visual art.

Artist Talk with Collective Eteam University of Texas Art Building Room 1.102 // February 21 at 4pm

Since 2001 Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger have been collaborating under the name eteam. Their projects have been featured internationally, and most recently they have been awarded a Creative Capital Grant in emerging fields for their project: OS Grabeland.

Nonpartisan Public Advocacy Workshop The Contemporary Austin // February 21 from 7 to 9pm //700 Congress Avenue

Texas Legislature Policy Analyst, Stephanie Chiarello Noppenberg, leads TX Lege: 101, a workshop investigating the platforms used to exchange dialogue between Texas representatives and the public. Learn how best to make your voice heard and take the first step towards advocating for the issues you believe in!

Antiquities Action Meeting and Screening University of Texas Doty Fine Arts Building Room 2.204 // February 22 from 5 to 7pm 

Antiquities Action presents a screening and discussion of Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery, a film about the 20th century’s greatest art forger, Wolfgang Beltracchi. Join art history faculty for a discussion of this revealing look at the world of high art crime!

Omnibus Accelerator: Artists and Scientists Discuss Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Visual Arts Center // February 23 from 4:30 to 8 pm//2300 Trinity Street, UT Art Building (Rm. 1.102)
Leonardo Art, Science, Evening Rendezvous (LASER), the Department of Art and Art History and the McKetta Deparment of Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin will host a panel discussion and reception for the exhibition Omnibus Filing at the Visual Arts Center. The conversation between artists and scientists, moderated by Dr. Ann Reynolds, Associate Professor of Art History, will aim to illuminate some of the more intriguing overlaps and discoveries that manifested from this foray into cross-disciplinary collaboration.
Omnibus Filing is an exhibition of artworks, inventions, prototypes and cross-disciplinary research currently on view at the Visual Arts Center at UT Austin. The result of three years of multi-faceted collaboration between artists invited to campus to work with UT scientists, the exhibitions features an Artificial Intelligence-bot that writes original patents, a virtual reality installation, lessons on entropy from the Institute for Higher Listening, a robot that tries to teach poetry, video installation of a man attempting to re-enact childbirth, a research paper with which you can cuddle and a mausoleum for a bumblebee queen.

Terra Goolsby & Anna Pederson: Under the Skin ICOSA Collective // February 24–March 25 // 702 Shady Lane, Suite 190 // Opening Reception: Friday, February 24 from 7 to 10 pm

“Under the Skin” is a collection of new works by Anna Pedersen and Terra Goolsby that feature disembodied segments drawn from traditional mythologies. These sculptural works connect aspects of the grotesque with feminine strength and sexuality while exploring the tensions between creation and destruction, growth and decay, as well as beauty and absurdity. The work alludes to darker aspects of femininity, such as the predatory and the seductive.

Steven Lavaggi & Gabriela Villarreal: Elemental Creation Art on 5th // February 25 – March 19 // 3005 South Lamar Blvd #110b // Artist’s Reception: Saturday, February 25 from 7 to 9 pm

These artists are both abstract painters who’s work evokes elemental imagery of earth, fire, water, and the heavens.  Steven Lavaggi is a prolific Austin-based artist who has been painting professionally for over 45 years. His large color field paintings contain a spontaneous energy that captivates the imagination. Mexican artist Gabriela Villarreal’s dynamic paintings capture the vitality and color of the environment where she grew up in Monterrey. Her earthy color palette is accented by delicate touches of metallic golds.

Jana Swec: Congitopia grayDUCK Gallery // February 25 – March 26 //  2213 E. Cesar Chavez St // Opening Reception: Saturday, February 25 from 7 to 10pm

The work in this series is an exploration of the unexpected when collaborating on the visual expressions of shared ideas and dreams.

The process of collaborative art making feels like trying to solve a puzzle with infinite paths one could take, but they all lead to a solution. When collaborating on a piece, you do not begin with a finished product in mind; It’s about the process of perspective; It’s about weaving and integrating ideas and concepts together. There’s a freedom and palpable sense of adventure when making art this way. It teaches us how to let go of control and embrace the unknown. It surprises and forces us out of our comfort zone. It opens doors and illuminates paths that would not have been visible otherwise.

Nate Burbeck at Decoy Gallery grayDUCK Gallery // February 25 – March 26 //  2213 E. Cesar Chavez St // Opening Reception: Saturday, February 25 from 7 to 10pm

Nate Burbeck is a mid-western painter whose work dances on the edge of surrealism through the delicate balance of American landscapes and ethereal elements. His work echoes a heightened state of suburban middle-class American life, leaving the viewer almost haunted by the story behind each scene. His work, in its dream-like state, leaves the viewer between eras, fascinated by his innate ability to freeze time.

David Martinez Retrospective Art.Science.Gallery. // February 25–April 1 //916 Springdale Rd. Bldg 2 #102 // Opening Reception: February 25 from 7 to 10 pm

Art.Science.Gallery. is proud to feature a retrospective solo exhibition by science folk artist DAVID B. MARTINEZ (Austin, Texas), whose colorful paintings draw equally from rich cultural mythologies as well as the history of science.

Paintings by Daniel Blagg and David Leonard Davis Gallery // February 25–April 8 //837 W 12th Ave // Opening Reception: February 25 from 7 to 10 pm

In this two-person exhibition of paintings, David Leonard and Daniel Blagg consider our changing world through their work. Leonard is known for his incredibly detailed panoramic paintings of modern American cityscapes ranging from Chicago to Boston to Austin. Similarly, Blagg also delineates American architecture, but focuses instead on the decay of once vibrant billboards, roadside strip malls, and now abandoned streets. Both artists ask through their work if the modifications we make to our landscape are for better or worse.

Fort Guerin: Old West Yarns Yard Dog // March 1 – April 3 //1510 S. Congress Ave // Opening Reception: Saturday, March 4 from 7 to 9pm

Yard Dog will be presenting a show of new art from West Virginia cowboy artist Fort Guerin. Early 20th Century western comic books, movies, and dime novels are his primary inspirations, that and the old west mythos he absorbed growing up in Arizona. 

Art Reception with Gareth Maguire and Bob Schneider Wexel Art Frames // March 2 from 6 to 9pm //11715 FM 2244 Rd Ste 300B

Thursday, March 2nd will be the last opportunity to catch the pop up art show featuring Gareth Maguire and Bob Schneider, who will also be in attendance that evening. Admission is free, but due to the popularity of previous events, attendees must RSVP to be on the guest list.

Ian Shults: Petting Zoo Wally Workman Gallery // March 4 – 25 // 1202 W. Sixth St // Opening Reception: Saturday, March 4 from 6 to 8pm

Being a painter who addresses debauchery and subversive behavior, this show leans heavily on the idea of relationship: relationship between persons as well as between person and vice. Each piece is executed in Shults’ signature bold strokes with a new broadening of color palette for the artist. 

The New Cuban Color: Works by Limonta, Mederos, and Valdes Flatbed Press & Gallery // March 17 – May 6 //2830 East MLK Jr Blvd // Opening Reception: March 17 from 6 to 8pm

Flatbed Press is pleased to present New Cuban Color:  Prints by Limonta, Mederos, and Valdes in the O2 Project Gallery space. Organized by Alfredo Felipe Valdes, works in this exhibition utilize the human form as a symbolic vehicle to explore moments of human experience: birth, death, love, or the idea of origin and guilt in our Western tradition. From the intricately textured collagraphs of Isolina Limonta to the expressive and painterly monoprints of Yordanis Garmendia Mederos and Alfredo Felipe Valdes, this exhibition captures a wonderful glimpse of the contemporary printmaking happening in Cuba today.

The Aesthetics of MILT KOBAYASHI Gallery Shoal Creek // March 17 – April 15 //2832 E. MLK Blvd, Suite 3  // Opening Reception: March 17 from 6 to 8pm
Gallery Shoal Creek is pleased to present a new collection of work by New York-based artist Milt Kobayashi. The exhibition opens with a reception on March 17 and runs through April 15. Time stands still in Mr. Kobayashi’s quiet moments, yet the expressive narrative ebbs and flows with a cadence of color and distinctive brushwork. Over the course of his career, he has perfected his fine art of subtlety and adopted a growing freedom in his use of color. To describe his artistic aesthetic, Mr. Kobayashi references the Russian-born painter, Nicholai Fechin: “the important thing is not the object painted, but how the canvas is filled through the filter of the artist’s creative idea.”

Blanton Block Party Blanton Museum of Art // March 25 from 11am to 11pm // MLK at Congress Ave

Explore the Blanton Museum of Art at a free day-to-night community festival celebrating the newly reinstalled permanent collection galleries. The Blanton Block Party is the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with the museum’s collection, while experiencing outdoor family art activities, a museum studies symposium, live music, food, and tours throughout the day. Enjoy a lecture and book signing by renowned artist Nina Katchadourian, in conjunction with her exhibition, “Nina Katchadourian: Curiouser.” Transition to evening with a special party featuring after-hours art viewing, a cash bar, light bites, live music and dancing, a photobooth, and art-making activities.

Anne Siems Wally Workman Gallery //April 1 – 29 // 1202 W. Sixth St // Opening Reception: Saturday, April 1 from 6 to 8pm

Siems work is deeply rooted in an appreciation of the European Masters, Early American Folk Art and vintage photography. This show presents for the first time Siems exploration in mark-making, reminiscent of weaving, stitching, and mending as well as an ancient alphabet or code. These are ongoing revelations – from painting to painting, abstract surfaces, realistic faces and delicate lines move into a whole.