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Exciting things are happening in Austin art community this week! Austin Art Weekly is Art Alliance Austin’s weekly arts calendar. Scroll down to view the complete calendar of highlighted, current, and upcoming events for this week and beyond. Sign up is easy, get Austin Art Weekly in your inbox each week.

Current Events & Exhibitions

Weave grayDUCK Gallery // 2213 E. Cesar Chavez // April 13 – May 20 // Opening Reception: April 13 from 7-10pm // Artist Talk: April 29 at 2pm 

Weave is an exhibition that begins with a central question of how to express visually various points of intersection of our lives and the breath, light and time that holds them.

Works include natural pigment paintings made from wild flowers and grasses, and collages created from collections of images made as I move around an object, and then combine, reconfigure and shift them responding to the mind’s eye. Their final formats are determined by their relationship to place-making; finding and creating meaning within an environment.

Weave’s programs include a workshop and performance entitled SEED/BED (part of Fusebox festival), by Julie Nathanielsz, a dancer, whose shared questions around body, perception and personalized place-making has shaped my thinking about the work presented in Weave.

Saso L’Oju Egun – Behind the Mask. Big Medium @ Canopy // 916 Springdale Rd // Hours: April 19 from 12-9pm, April 20 & 21 from 12-9:30pm, April 22 from 12-2pm // Performances: April 18 at 8pm & April 22 at 4pm // Opening: April 18 at 5pm

The journey of this project began in a residency that I was doing at the Sacatar Instituto in Bahia, Brazil in 2015.While I was researching the traditional textiles of the region, I was invited to attend a local Egungun Festival. This incredible experience has traveled in my dreams ever since. 

The Egungun Masquerade festival is a traditional celebration of the Yoruba people of Southwest Nigeria, who believe that their ancestors reincarnate and pay them regular visits to bless them. The yearly festival is marked with pomp and pageantry. Egungun, as the ancestors are called, come decked in colorful costume, accompanied by loud drumbeats and song and speak in guttural voices to give the impression that they are not ordinary beings. People who are childless, sick or possessed of demons are prayed for. Farmers take their harvests to the king’s palace to be blessed by the Egungun before eating or selling ad well to me.

This project involves the creation of 10 original masquerade costumes from traditional materials, incorporating symbols and patterns from cultures around the world including, but not limited to, Ghana (Adinkran), Nigeria (Uli, Arewa), South Africa (Ndebele), Cameroon (Bamuleke), Australia (Aboriginal), New Zealand (Mauri), and New Mexico (Pueblo).
The Egungun is an institution that has developed over time. Civilization has not eroded it from the culture of the land. Its appeal transcends time. 

Unforeseen Sixth Street Gallery // 2000 E 6th St  // April 14 – May 20 // Opening Reception: April 14 from 5:30-8:30 // Artist Talk: April 29 from 1-2:30

Some say the America of today is unexpected, surprising, and unforeseen; while other say they saw it coming long ago. Either way, the American of today is full of complexity, confrontation, contrasting opinions, and conflicting motivations. Many of us crave a deeper understanding to guide us through these times of uncertainty.

In an effort to facilitate conversation and reflection on where American is today and where we are headed, Sixth Street Gallery has partnered with Artists 916 to present Unforeseen. This exhibit includes both 2D and 3D works in a diverse range of styles and mediums, all exploring this theme. Artists 916 is a collective of artists in Austin Texas with a mission to increase the relevance of art locally through creative events and art exhibitions.

As a collective, the artists have come together to deeply reflect on the Soul of America, and to dedicate works of art that may help us understand American in a more profound way. Specific questions and ideas artists are exploring for this exhibit include:

•Is there a collective soul of America?
•Is the soul of America dying?
•Is there is a disconnect between rural culture and city culture?
•Diversity, Interconnectedness, and the possibility of integration.

Out of La Romita | Katherine Brimberry, Suzi Davidoff + La Romita Participants Flatbed Press // 2832 East MLK Blvd // April 14 – May 19 // Opening Reception: April 14 from 5-7

Flatbed Press is pleased to present Out of La Romita, the fourth biannual exhibition of work by participants of Flatbed Press’s “Italian Intensive” summer residency/workshop at La Romita School of Art located at Terni, Italy. The workshop, taught by Suzi Davidoff and Katherine Brimberry, has been offered biannually since 2011.

On exhibition are works either inspired by the La Romita experience or other works by the artists who have participated in the 2017 session. The resident artists exhibiting with Brimberry and Davidoff this year are Amanda Barger, Martha Carson, Emily Galusha, Pam Fielding, Sharon Kopriva, Beverly Penn, Sherry Owens, Karen Oswalt and Erica Stevenson.


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Ongoing Exhibitions

THE DAY TO DAY ACCUMULATION OF HOPE, FAILURE AND ECSTASY The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center // 700 Congress Ave.  // Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 11am–7pm; Sunday, 12–5pm // Ongoing

Conceived as a way of engaging with artists whose practices include live time-based events, Learning in Public is a series of discrete public performances, collaborations, and community engagements taking place in the gallery from September 22 to October 28, 2017.

The People’s Gallery 2018 Austin City Hall // 301 W. 2nd Street // February 2018 – January 2019

The People’s Gallery is designed to showcase the work of regional artists and to encourage public dialogue, understanding, and enjoyment of visual art. Each year, the Cultural Arts Division issues a call for artworks to Austin-area artists, galleries, museums, and arts organizations. This year, approximately 1,300 entries were submitted by more than 320 local artists. The 2018 selection panelists were arts educator and artist Teruko Nimura; artist and Preparator (Blanton Museum of ArtUniversity of Texas at Austin) John Sager; and artist and Professor of Art, St. Edward’s University Tammie Rubin.

Orna Feinstein: A Circle in a Circle is a Tree CAMIBAart Gallery // 2832 E. MLK Jr. Blvd.  // March 17 – April 14

In this colorful exhibit, Feinstein continues her fascination and exploration of Trees and their interior geometry using a variety of mediums and processes.  Many will be familiar with her signature layering of monoprints and cut paper to create moiré patterns and visually kinetic works.  However, some will be surprised to see Orna Feinstein exploring her ideas using paint, concrete, and plaster.  This exhibit dares to present at once a wider view of Feinstein’s creative palate – as if we are allowed a small peek into what her studio must look like at any one time.  Yet, even with the wide range of materials and forms of expression, the harmony between the works is undeniable.

The Relationship of Things Davis Gallery //  837 W. 12th St. // March 3 – April 14

Davis Gallery is pleased to present The Relationship of Things, an exhibit focused on the beauty of ordinary sights and everyday objects. In this three-person exhibit, artists Faustinus Deraet, Ginger Geyer, and Barbara Pence extract the quiet voices of the ordinary, found in the home and on the street. Special attention is paid to the poetic, secretive conversations one could imagine between clothes stowed away in a closet, appliances patiently waiting on a counter top, or forgotten belongings scattered about on a city sidewalk. The combination of Deraet’s insightful photographs, Pence’s correlating multi-panel paintings, and Geyer’s metaphorical porcelain sculptures allow the viewer to explore the often overlooked language of the ordinary.

Paved Paradise Women & Their Work // 1710 Lavaca St. // March 10 – April 19

In Paved Paradise, Julie Libersat explores symmetry and patterns within the landscape of late capitalism. Using the shopping mall and the parking lot as formal and conceptual frameworks, the interactive video installation explores a suburban vernacular that presents consumption as a modern form of worship. Paved Paradiseis part of an ongoing series of parking lot mazes executed through various virtual and physical mediums. Libersat explores everyday landscapes and infrastructure to reflect on our cultural, social, and economic orientations. Paved Paradise presents the shopping mall as a temple of the golden age of capitalism and the parking lot as a labyrinth. Exhibition on view through April 19, 2018.

Mi Feito Don’t let this time be in vain: Vladimir Mejia Pump Project Art Complex // 702 Shady Lane // March 23 – April 21

Vladimir Mejia was born in 1992 in New York City. He received his B.F.A. in Studio Art from the University of Texas in 2014 and continues to reside in Austin. Vladimir is a multi-discipline artist who works in Installation, Sculpture, Photography, Performance Art, Printmaking and Digital Media as well as the the current curator of Co-Lab Projects’ instagram residency#bitres. His work while rooted in conceptual art attempts to incorporate elements which make his pieces relatable to both audiences versed in art history and those who may be unfamiliar with it. Using interaction, humor, abstraction and writing to tackle politics, race relations, generational divides and the ever evolving relationship between people and technology.

Chambers of Longing: Andrea De Leon and Terra Goolsby ICOSA Collective Gallery // 702 Shady Lane, Suite 190 // March 30 – April 21

ICOSA Collective presents Chambers of Longing, an exhibition of new sculptural works by artists Andrea de Leon and Terra Goolsby.  Utilizing a variety of media including porcelain, glass and metal, this collection examines the phenomena of fetishism and object relations. By transforming negative space and creating relationships between the interior and exterior, the work fluctuates between opposing lines of bondage and protection. Each of these intimate sculptures catalyze varying emotional responses that tap into the depths of psychological compulsion.

Quiltings: Select Works by Jonas Criscoe OLA Gallery // 201 E. 5th St. #104 //January 12 – April 22

OLA Gallery kicks off 2018 featuring the interdisciplinary artwork by Jonas Criscoe for First Friday. His collection, Quilitings, feeds off Criscoe’s passion for screenprinting. His pop-americana artwork pulls imagery from airlines, diners, the rural South, Midwestern suburbs, construction, and most importantly quilt patterns – creating a disorienting array of American memorabilia. According to Criscoe, “My work explores how our environments and landscapes are altered by society and nature’s ability to reclaim the spaces and things that we abandon.”

PINE | Jill Wilkinson Flatbed Press // 2830 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd // March 3 – April 27

The crux of Jill Wilkinson’s work is drawing: Drawing from trees, drawing from the memory of trees, drawing from the muscle memory, drawing the void, drawing from the drawing. Wilkinson finds delight in the painterly line and it shows in her drawings and recently created monoprints. Her recent works, many of which reference trees, are only the starting point for Wilkinson’s linear rapture of space. It is a space that begs you to see more.


VASCULUM | Spencer Fidler Flatbed Press // 2830 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.  // March 17 – April 28

Spencer Fidler’s practice is to collect volunteer plants from his property in Las Cruces, New Mexico and draw them daily at four times their scale. He is compelled to take only what the day offers. He quickly finds himself immersed in the complexities of the flowers and vines sorting out the veinlike leaves and blossoms. His large-scale drawings present the world as a still life in a vasculum, a vessel used for collecting and studying botanical specimens. This is a practice that has overlapped his drawings and etchings of humans. Fidler’s silhouetted humans are caught diving, falling or floating and reveal limb and torsos with tangled vascular networks that reference those of plants. Fidler is an artist/scientist from the age of Enlightenment with the eye of a Romantic now living in the age of Information. 

Will Klemm Wally Workman Gallery // 1202 West 6th St. // April 7-28

On Saturday, April 7, Wally Workman Gallery will open a solo show with Austin-based painter Will Klemm, who has shown his work nationally since 1993 and is a veteran of over fifty one-man exhibitions. Klemm’s current focus is on the horizon and the soft transitions that occur above and below, lending these works a quiet sense of stratification. The exceptional light quality Klemm is known for infuses each piece with unique ethereal and meditative elements.

Dwain Kelley Sculptural Assemblages “Discovery”  Link & Pin Gallery // 2235 E. 6th St. // April 6 – 29

Dwain Kelley’s sculptural assemblages are about discovery. Using a palette of old wood, metal, gold leaf, cloth, glass, rocks, and other materials, these works are grounded in the unearthing of another time—attempting to re-create the excitement of a kid reading about the discovery of Machu Pic­chu in Peru by Hiram Bingham in 1911; King Tut’s Tomb in Egypt by Howard Carter in 1922; the uncovering of the history of the first Native Americans or the countless other archaeological discoveries from around the world.

MASS + 1 MASS Gallery // 507 Calles Rd. #108 // March 30 – April 29

MASS + 1 is a group show of MASS members who have each invited a +1 to show alongside or collaborate with.

Featuring: Ida Behjat + Alex Diamond, Andrea Calo + Eva Claycomb, Ted Carey + Maggie Mannell, Michelle Devereux + Shampane Hobo, Erin Gentry + Erica Nix, Jules Jones + Charlie Jones, Drew Liverman + Veronica Giavedoni, Rick Mansfield + Mark Kovitya, Scott Proctor + Rebeca Milton

Inevitable Reckoning  Dimension Gallery // 979 Springdale Rd. // April 7 – May 5

Inevitable Reckoning offers viewers a new way to consider climate change and its effects on our inner and outer landscapes. Through the exaggerated lens of artist and craftsman Nick Schnitzer, this new series of work at Dimension Gallery combines craft, science, and storytelling that appeals to our most basic sense of survival. A few pieces in the show make use of time-based chemical state changes to make the point, so it is recommended to visit the night of the reception on Thursday, April 5th from 6 to 9pm.

Adam Scott Rote ART on 5th Gallery // 3005 S. Lamar Blvd. // April 7 – May 6

Adam Scott Rote is an award-winning, self-taught artist whose work is influenced by architecture, fashion and classic cinema. Because of his brilliant colors and deceptively exceptional attention to detail, these paintings are often mistaken for digital art. Using only airbrushed acrylic, gouache, watercolor pencils, and his own hand, Adam is able to bring to life images of the past with an ultramodern feel. This prolific artist is perhaps best known for his celebrity portraits of music and film stars, but this exhibition will feature the full range of Adam’s work;  everything from his Serengeti Animals, Alice and Wonderland, and American Ruins series, as well as newly released editions and never-before-seen original paintings. Most collectors travel to Miami or Vegas to see this artist’s work, but you can find it right here in Austin, Texas!

Catherine Lee: The Nay Project Elisabet Ney Museum // 304 East 44th Street // February 22 – May 6

Internationally-renowned artist Catherine Lee will be the feature of a new exhibition at the Ney Museum this Spring. An installation based upon her work past and present, the exhibition will be both indoors and outdoors, anchored by her monumental Hebrides #6: Clach An Trushal, which graces the grounds for an extended period thanks to a very special loan from the Contemporary Austin through its Museum Without Walls program. This exhibition will include monumental sculpture, paintings, smaller three-dimensional pieces, and more.

An internationally-exhibited master, Lee’s work reflects time, permanence and majestic nature along with intimate reflections of ourselves.

Fotografía y Nuevos Medios: Selections from the Permanent Collection Mexic-Arte Museum //419 Congress Ave // January 26 – May 27

Amassed over the last 35 years, Mexic-Arte Museum’s upcoming exhibition, Fotografía y Nuevos Medios: Selections from the Permanent Collection, explores the plurality of resistance, highlighting varied lineages of Latinx and Latin American resistance. Selected works will reflect upon a range of issues including race, gender, identity, community, civil rights, and cultural praxis. Through different mediums and approaches, these works shift beyond binary paradigms, speaking to the fluidity of life. 

Desert Triangle Print Carpeta Mexic-Arte Museum //419 Congress Ave // January 26 – May 27

Produced in fourteen different studios across the Southwest, the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta exhibition will feature the work of 30 printmakers dealing with themes pertinent to the region, including diverse cultural narrative, border identity, and popular culture. Additionally, three prints on display will incorporate augmented reality through Augment El Paso’s self-titled application, which animates the respective works of art.

Jess Bee: Coming Unraveled  Dougherty Arts Center // 1110 Barton Springs Rd. // March 31 – June 9

ICOSA Collective presents Chambers of Longing, an exhibition of new sculptural works by artists Andrea de Leon and Terra Goolsby.  Utilizing a variety of media including porcelain, glass and metal, this collection examines the phenomena of fetishism and object relations. By transforming negative space and creating relationships between the interior and exterior, the work fluctuates between opposing lines of bondage and protection. Each of these intimate sculptures catalyze varying emotional responses that tap into the depths of psychological compulsion.


March Mattingly: Favorite Places Dougherty Arts Center // 1110 Barton Springs Rd. // March 31 – June 9

ICOSA Collective presents Chambers of Longing, an exhibition of new sculptural works by artists Andrea de Leon and Terra Goolsby.  Utilizing a variety of media including porcelain, glass and metal, this collection examines the phenomena of fetishism and object relations. By transforming negative space and creating relationships between the interior and exterior, the work fluctuates between opposing lines of bondage and protection. Each of these intimate sculptures catalyze varying emotional responses that tap into the depths of psychological compulsion.

Rodney McMillian:Against a Civic Death The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center // 700 Congress //February 1 – August 26
The Contemporary Austin will present a solo exhibition of newly commissioned and recent works by the Los Angeles-based artist Rodney McMillian(American, born 1969 in Columbia, South Carolina). On view at the museum’s downtown location on Congress Avenue, Rodney McMillian: Against a Civic Death is an immersive installation that fills the entire exhibition space and incorporates paintings, sculptural installations, video, and sound pieces. 

Upcoming Exhibitions & Events

Affordable Dream House Visual Arts Center// The University of Texas at Austin // 2300 Trinity St. // April 20 – May 11 // Open Reception: April 20 from 6-8pm // Colloquia: April 30 & May 2 from 5:30-7pm

For two nights, the 2018 Studio MFA Colloquia will feature in-depth discussions between pairs of graduate students in Studio Art and Art History. Art History graduate students will introduce the graduating artists and engage them in critical conversations about the work presented in Affordable Dream House. Following a series of studio visits, these pairs of students collaborated on the exhibition catalogue for the 2018 Studio MFA Thesis Exhibition. The catalogue includes essays on each graduating artist penned by their peers from the Art History graduate program.

Participating Art History graduate students include Francesca Balboni, Jessi DiTillio, Leah Hansard, Gilles Heno-Coe, Maggie Mitts, Rachel Newman, Rachel Remick, Lilia Rocio Taboada, Kaila Schedeen, and Grace Sparapani.

Night of Games Art for the People// 1711 South 1st St. // April 27 from 7-9pm

Head on over to Art for the People for a Night of GAMES. Check out their fabulous exhibition, Art of Celebration, shop through items in the artisan market, sip on a kombucha cocktail, and play games of course!

The Art Of The Contact Sheet Modern Rocks Gallery // 916 Springdale Road; Canopy, Building 3, Unit 103 // April 27 from 7-10pm

 “The Art Of The Contact Sheet” is s curated collection of large format contact sheet prints of David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Stevie Ray Vaughan and more, taken by leading rock photographers both past and present. Contact sheets are a tool that dates back to the days of shooting on film, showing the whole roll of film on one sheet of photographic paper, to help the photographer select which images to print. Not only does the contact sheet tell us the full story behind an iconic image, these visually stunning and often thought provoking prints give a unique insight into the photographer’s artistic process and vision. It’s fascinating to see how the photographer’s eye wanders, how the mind works, and how a scene evolves on the journey towards the final image. The show features the work by the legendary Columbia Records photographer, Don Hunstein, as well as the photographer Brian Duffy, the responsible for David Bowie’s iconic Aladdin Sane and Scary Monsters album covers. Other leading music photographers on show include Tracy Anne Hart, Alan Messer, Allan Ballard, Matt Anker and more. Cocktails by Ben Milam Whiskey 

Krista Steinke | Good Luck with the Sun Women & Their Work // 1710 Lavaca St. // April 28 – June 7 // Opening Reception: April 28 from 7-9pm

With the sun as her subject and collaborator, Krista Steinke explores the physical and psychological impact of our greatest energy source. Her exhibition incorporates video, personal narrative, and experimental photographic processes, that creates a multi-layered dialogue about our dual relationship with the sun – essential for life on this planet but also, a potential threat. In Good Luck with the Sun, the sun’s pathway becomes a drawing tool or mark-making system which collapses time and space and suggests how day to day experiences might fit into the larger scheme of things. Exhibition will be on view through June 7, 2018.

Open for Discussion The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center// 700 Congress Ave. // May 1 at 6:30pm

Discussion facilitator from the community to be announced.

Clarksville Walking Tour The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center// 700 Congress Ave. // May 19 at 10am

Artist Rodney McMillian’s exhibition Against a Civic Death continues the artist’s formal inquiry into painting, abstraction, and performance with a discomforting social critique of American histories, injustices, and structures of power. The Contemporary invites the public to explore Austin on a walking tour that considers the relationship between architecture, politics, and place and how they have changed over time. Free with RSVP. Reservations accepted beginning April 2at