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June 22 – June 28

Exciting things are happening in Austin art community this week! Austin Art Weekly is Art Alliance Austin’s weekly arts calendar. Scroll down to view the complete calendar of highlighted, current, and upcoming events for this week and beyond. Sign up is easy, get Austin Art Weekly in your inbox each week.

Friday, June 23rd

grayDUCK Gallery
June 23 – July 23
2213 E. Cesar Chavez
Opening Reception: June 23 from 7pm to 10pm
Artist Talk: June 25 at 2pm

Biological and chemical changes happen on vast and varied scales. Trees can grow a foot or more per year, and may live to be several thousands years old. Similarly, molecules quickly assemble and disassemble to create mechanically complex chains. Both forms of growth rival the most advanced creations of mankind, yet have evolved from the deceptively simple process of repeated success and failure.


Saturday, June 24th

The Muppet Show
ART on 5th Gallery
June 24 – July 23
3005 South Lamar Blvd.
Opening Reception: June 24th from 7-10pm

ART on 5th is thrilled to announce The Muppet Show – an exhibition of never-before-seen artwork by 10 officially licensed Disney Fine Artists.  Visitors who have frequented the gallery will recognize the signature style of artists such as Rodel Gonzalez and Rob Kaz, whose artwork has been available at ART on 5th since our extraordinary Star Wars exhibition in 2015.  These familiar artists are joined by fresh talent, Neysa Bove, who was a lead concept design artist on the film Moana.  This exciting new collection of Muppets inspired limited edition artwork from the Disney Fine Art program will have its worldwide release this month at our special premiere right here in Austin, Texas!  These pieces will be available exclusively through ART on 5th until July 23rd before Disney Fine Art releases them to the rest of the world.  Don’t miss this chance to be the first fan to collect a piece of Muppet history.


Additional Exhibition Openings & Events


Ceremony St. Edward’s University Fine Arts Gallery // June 23 – July 21 // 3001 S. Congress Ave. //Opening Reception: June 23 from 6-8pm

In a collection of new and old works, Ceremony dives into Moore’s continued exploration of voyeuristic observation and memory. In a mixture of Hitchcock-esque drawings and landscape paintings, Moore’s work finds its inspiration in the ever-changing skylines of Los Angeles and Austin.

Moore recently received an MFA in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art + Design in Los Angeles. Moore has been a part of many group exhibitions including Metanoia at St. Edward’s University Fine Arts Gallery in Austin, and the SXSW Meet Up Gallery at the Austin Convention Center. In 2016, Moore’s first solo exhibition Rear Window debuted at the Bolsky Gallery in Los Angeles. Moore currently lives and works in Austin, TX. 

Bread & Butter: Milk ICOSA Collective // June 24 – July 22 // 702 Shady Lane, Suite 190 // Opening Reception: June 24 from 11am – 2pm

In its second invitational exhibition,  ICOSA Collective continues its effort to support the diversity of the Austin art community with Bread & Butter: Milk. This group show features nine artists selected by the collective who are also parents. Candace Briceno, April Garcia, Robert Jackson Harrington, Steve Parker, Cecelia Roberston, Amber Shields, Jana Swec and Lana Waldrep-Appl will show a range of work that relates to their experiences finding the balance of parenthood and their art making practice. Bread & Butter: Milk celebrates the impulse to continue to make art while raising children despite the stigmas, limited opportunities, and lack of consideration from the art world. The exhibition will open with a family friendly event featuring a screen printing activity with Delilah Rose Knuckley, an interactive sculpture by Steve Parker, and snow cones with donation!


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Ongoing Exhibitions

The People’s Gallery 2017 Exhibition Austin City Hall // February 2017 – January 2018 // 301 W. 2nd St. // Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm

The 2017 People’s Gallery exhibition features works from Austin-area artists, galleries, museums, and arts organizations displayed throughout the first three floors of City Hall. This free, annual exhibition is designed to showcase regional artists and to encourage public dialog, understanding, and enjoyment of visual art.

Art After Six Austin City Hall // March – October // 6 to 8 pm // 201 West 2nd Street

ART AFTER SIX is an annual lecture series hosted in conjunction with the City of Austin’s People’s Gallery exhibitions. Running March – October on select Friday evenings from 6 – 8 PM, the series features conversation from a range of artists, framed within a larger subject for discussion. Following each event, visitors are allowed to explore the People’s Gallery exhibition during special “off-hours” viewing.


Salvador Dalí Exhibition Art on 5th // 3005 South Lamar Blvd. // Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10am-6pm; Sundays Noon-5pm // Closes: June 23

This year, Art on 5th is curating the exhibition to showcase only the most popular and rare pieces from the collection such as the Biblia Sacra series, the Alice & Wonderland series, and the fascinating decomposition woodblock prints illustrating Dante’s Divine Comedy.  Salvador Dalí used traditional woodblock techniques to create his Divine Comedy series.  In these unique decomposition prints, viewers can see how each ink layer is carefully laid down one color at a time to create the image.  These are prints that were created and signed by Dalí during his life, and each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity from Mr. Bruce Hochman, author of the official guide to the graphic works of Salvador Dalí, and the director of the only gallery devoted exclusively to authentic works of this great artist.  ART on 5th is thrilled to bring these exciting pieces to Austin for fans and collectors alike.

Charlotte Smith: Color Full CAMIBAart Gallery // 2832 E. MLK Jr. Blvd., Suite 111 // Hours: Tuesday through Friday: 10:00am – 5:00pm, Saturday: noon – 5pm // Closes: June 24

Charlotte Smith has presented more than 24 solo exhibitions over the last 20 years.  On April 21st CAMIBAart Gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition of Charlotte Smith’s artworks in almost 2 years, with a brand new body of work fresh from the studio.  Continuing her passion for layers and piles of paint, her exhibit “Color Full” exemplifies all that is so seductive about her artwork.  The show is filled with movement and layer upon layer of bright colors organized in her identifiable style.  On the surface, many of the artworks in this exhibit may be reminiscent of some of her work from the mid 2000’s, look deeper and notice that they are emboldened with the knowledge and history of her work between then and now, exposing a fresh perspective.  Enter this carnival of color with open eyes and you’ll see that Charlotte Smith continues to produce works that are exploratory and fresh!

Kari Cholnoky & Landon O’Brien Big Medium //916 Springdale Rd, Bldg 2, #101 // Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm // Closes: June 24

The two person exhibition, Kari Cholnoky & Landon O’Brien, pairs the three-dimensional work of Austin-based Landon O’Brien with wall pieces by New York-based Kari Cholnoky. Characterized by material exploration, extreme physicality, and incendiary formal considerations, the objects and imagery on view share a coherence in manifesting off-putting aesthetic experiences.

Beth Consetta Rubel’s Higher Learning George Washington Carver Museum & Cultural Center //2235 E. 6th St. #102 // Hours: Monday-Wednesday 10am -6pm; Thursday 10am-9pm; Friday 10am-6pm; Saturday 10am-4pm // Closes: June 24

Featuring innovative and satirical renditions of trending topics-from the racial passing of Rachel Dolezal to the ongoing protests at Standing Rock-Rubel explores the intersection of pop culture and identity, questioning the role of mass media in our collective education.

SEBASTIÁN: THE GEOMETRY OF SPACE AND TIME // Mexic-Arte Museum // April 8, 2017 – June 25, 2017 //419 CONGRESS AVE //  Closes: June 25

Sebastián: The Geometry of Space and Time examines his artistic practice in relation to mathematical concepts and their overlap with his designs and sculptures. He often combines the brilliant colors of Pop art with the abstract forms of minimalism and are at the same time gestural and emotionally expressive.

Jim Dougherty, A Retrospective Link & Pin // 2235 E. 6th #102 // Hours: Friday – Sunday 11am to 4pm // Closes: June 25

Sharp-eyed, long-time readers of the Austin American-Statesman newspaper will remember’s credits under fabulous photos. They were art. This retrospective is composed primarily of black and white selenium-toned gelatin silver prints.


Tres Veces Tiembla ATM Gallery // 5305 Bolm Rd, Suite 12 // Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 11-4; Weekdays by appointment only  // Closes: June 30th

Tres Veces Tiembla el Infierno is a fictional documentary, resulting from the investigation around the ritual of la muerteada, in the community of San Agunstín Etla, Oaxaca, which occurs each 1st of November.

Diana Greenberg Wally Workman Gallery // 1202 West 6th Street // Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am to 5pm  // Closes: July 1

On Saturday, June 3rd Wally Workman Gallery will open their third solo show with local painter Diana Greenberg. Greenberg’s work is an exploration in color and emotion. Both patterns from nature and figurative paintings are morphed into abstracted color field studies. Prisms of color break through solemn gray to create a feeling light and hope, joy and serenity.

Work, Play, and Somewhere In Between Dougherty Arts Center //1110 Barton Springs Rd. // Hours: Monday – Thursday, 10 am – 10 pm; Friday, 10 am – 6 pm; Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm // Closes: July 8th

Sculpture and painting by Karen Woodward Garcia. Works exploring the comical absurdity of everyday life.

Repo Man Davis Gallery // 837 W 12th Ave // Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 10am-4pm // Closes: July 8th

Philip Durst’s dazzling collages are taken to new lengths in his latest solo exhibit, Repo Man. Graphic candy wrappers, colorful paint chips, and an assortment of other interesting leftover scraps are paired with precise design and clean lines. The artist’s ability to combine a sense of spontaneity through his materials, with the thoughtfulness of his design, brings the work to life. Playfulness and optimism are epitomized in Repo Man.

Island Oasis Mirage Big Medium // 916 Springdale Rd, Bldg 2, #101  // Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12-6pm and by appointment  // Closes: July 8th

An island represents a detached form surrounded by space, an oasis is a pleasant area in the midst of a difficult space, and a mirage is an optical illusion; the work of Krueger, Weissberger and McShane occupies a place that is simultaneously all three.

Krueger, McShane and Weissberger explore images and objects in ways that challenge notions of representation, often employing the languages of sculpture, drawing, painting, photography at once.

Egress Pump Project // 702 Shady Ln.// Hours: Saturdays, 12-5pm or by appointment // Closes: July 8th

Egress offers a mystery for gallery goers to solve. Based on the locked room subgenre of the detective novel, the crime is sealed from the inside, and it is seemingly impossible for the criminal to evade detection either entering or leaving the crime scene. The viewer takes on the role of detective, reader, and perhaps more sinister characters. Rather than solve a murder, the visitor pieces together the clues to complete the artwork. Egress presents a conundrum that hinges on the history of the pursuit of perpetual motion, itself a kind of locked room mystery. While looking for clues, viewers explore this unique history of failed inventions and attempt to defy the laws of nature. Both perpetual motion and locked room mysteries require the realization of an act defined as impossible. Locked room mysteries involve the perpetration of impossible crimes, and perpetual motion demands the perpetuation of a machine without expending energy. In each scenario the unbelievable is revealed to be merely an artful trick.

unrealpolitik DEMO Gallery // 721 Congress Ave // Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 12 to 6pm // Closes: July 22

Alt-facts, fake news, gaslighting, and cognitive dissonance have become so commonplace in contemporary society that we find ourselves wondering at times what, if anything, constitutes our collective reality. An unrealpolitik has emerged, a return to a system of ideology, spectacle, and demagoguery.

Shampoo Effect MASS Gallery // 507 Calles St. #108 // Hours: Friday 5-8 pm, Saturday 12-5 pm, Sunday 12-5 pm  // Closes: July 22

MASS Gallery is pleased to present Shampoo Effect, featuring work by Yevgeniya Baras, Morgan Blair, Kari Cholnoky, Scott Eastwood, Charlotte Hallberg, Christian Newby, Lauren Silva, Jennifer Sullivan, and Rachel Williams. Utilizing fabric, jewelry, paper maché, airbrush, fur, collage, prints, and rope, these nine artists continuously work beyond the limits of traditional painting through their wide interpretations of media, format, and substrate. Shampoo Effect will be on view from June 16 – July 22.

Rebecca Rothfus Harrell: Atlas CAMIBAart // 2832 E. MLK Jr. Blvd., Suite 111 // Hours: Tuesday through Friday: 10:00am – 5:00pm, Saturday: noon – 5pm, other times by appointment // Closes: July 22

Atlas draws inspiration from mineralogist Victor Goldschmidt and his line diagrams created for the nine-volume “Atlas der Krystyalformen” (Atlas of Crystal Formations) published in 1913. Each artwork in this exhibit is inspired by one of Goldschmidt’s mineral diagrams. Goldschmidt’s analytical approach is meant to clarify and define these minerals while Harrell purposefully confuses, distorts and abstracts the structures.  About half of the exhibit is made up of black and white monochrome works successful in visually flattening the various planes.  The remaining works have the addition of colored Flashe vinyl paint, adding a matte, velvety, opaque color finish, which aids in flattening the forms even further.

Where You End and I Begin Women & Their Work // 1710 Lavaca St // Hours: Monday – Friday 10am to 6pm, Saturday Noon to 6pm  // Closes: July 27th

In her exhibition, Where You End and I Begin, Laura Lit creates portraits that capture the likeness, specific expression, and telling moments of her subjects. This series of oil paintings uses chiaroscuro and realistic detail to establish attitude and anatomy. Lit draws inspiration from a variety of sources including noir film, portrait and fashion photography, the work of Renaissance and Dutch masters, Surrealism, and psychology. Her work explores the battle between her subjects’ internal and external worlds, their sexuality, and sense of isolation.

New Editions Flatbed Press and Gallery // 2830 East MLK Jr Blvd // Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 12pm-5pm and by appointment // Closes: July 29

As a fine art print publisher, Flatbed Press welcomes many different artists into their collaborative printshop, artists whose individual studio practices encompass a myriad of artistic mediums. During this time in the studio editions are created under the artist’s direction while technically facilitated by Flatbed Master Printers. The publications resulting from this collaboration are as dynamic and individual as the artists themselves, whether created by layering brightly inked intaglio copper plates, delicately pigmenting fabric for monotyping or collaging hand dyed papers onto an oversized woodcut. Flatbed’s annual New Editions exhibition is an exciting way to celebrate its recent publications as well as the diversity of processes and techniques utilized.

Far Out Art.Science.Gallery. // 916 Springdale Rd. Bldg 2 #102 // Hours: Tuesday, 12 – 5pm; Wednesday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm  // Closes: July 29

Art.Science.Gallery. announces the opening of Far Out, the gallery’s newest art exhibition in partnership with the American Astronomical Society and Women in Astronomy during their annual meetings in Austin, Texas. A mini, traveling version of the Art & Science 2017: James Webb Space Telescope exhibit currently on display at the Visitors Center at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, artwork in the Far Out exhibit was inspired by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

Landscapes: Transformed/Transfigured Flatbed Press and Gallery // 2830 East MLK Jr Blvd // Hours: Tue.-Fri. 10am-5pm, Sat. 12pm-5pm and by appointment // Closes: July 29

Through installation, sculpture and printmaking Sean Caulfield’s work considers the ways our environment is transformed by forces of urban and industrial growth. The visual images and environments he creates blur boundaries between the biological and the technological, the organic and the mechanical; they challenge viewers to consider the implications of this merging.

Spontaneity within Structure Gallery Shoal Creek // 2832 E. MLK Blvd, Suite 3 // Hours:  Tue-Fri 10-5, Sat 12-5 or by appointment // Closes: July 29

Jill Lear is known for her large-scale mixed media renderings of magnificent trees identified by their coordinates. In these, she expresses the landscape as a particular, defined and measured.

“It starts with a single tree in the landscape, assigned its latitude and longitude,” notes the artist. “Then the investigation begins. A transcription of not only the experience of being in and thinking about Nature, but also about the way in which we process the world around us, literally.”

En Bola de stijl // 1006 W. 31st Street Austin // Hours: Tuesday – Thursday and Saturday, 1:00pm to 5:00 pm  // Closes: August 12

En Bola, is an exhibit featuring Austin collective Los Outsiders working in tandem with a trio of Texas artists. Garciá will create with Lisette Chavez; Harrington with Jean-Sebastien Boncy and Hernandez with Mauro Martinez. The collaborative art-making of En Bola will yield mixed-media installations, manipulated photography and altered paintings.

Upcoming Exhibitions & Events


Verstehen: Understanding Link & Pin // June 30 – July 30 // 2235 E. 6th Street #102 // Opening Reception: July 14 from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. // Performance Series:  July 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 at 8:30 p.m.

Link & Pin in conjunction with En Route Productions presents Verstehen, a unique performance series and “Dreamscapes”, a mixed media exhibition by Emily Rankin. Verstehen explores various approaches to sonic/visual improvisation, focusing on methods of conversation between two artists of different mediums, reflective of how we, as humans, communicate with and understand each other. Emily Rankin will be painting and sketching live while Meason Wile manipulates Live Electronics, Sound Art, Coding, and Circuits.

Mary Case Wally Workman Gallery // July 8 – July 29 //1202 West 6th Street // Opening Reception: Saturday, July 8 from 6 to 8pm

On Saturday, July 8th, Wally Workman Gallery opens its first solo show with Houston-based artist Mary Case. Her work interprets organic forms with subtlety and spontaneity. Both intimate figure drawings and large abstracted landscape paintings are included in this exhibit, displaying the breadth of Case’s technique and skill.

YLA 22: ¡Ahora! Mexic-Arte Museum //July 14 – August 27 //419 Congress Avenue // Opening Reception: Friday, July 14, 2017

YLA 22: ¡Ahora! marks the twenty-second installment of the emerging Latinx artist exhibition series at Mexic-Arte Museum. In an era of socio-political upheaval in the United States – from U.S.-Mexico border relations, to widespread economic inequalities, increased racial tensions, and subsequent hate on the rise across the country – the selected artists navigate matters of gender restrictions, immigration politics, cultural heritage, and privilege. Their artworks confront viewers with prominent issues of the contemporary Latinx experience in the United States.

Capricho Mexic-Arte Museum //July 14 – August 27 //419 Congress Avenue

Capricho is a project by artist Mark Menjivar that activates the archives of his late grandfather, Joe Font. Originally from Puerto Rico, Font extensively photographed various places in Latin America for a period of over 30 years. A main component of the project is a book of photographs taken by Font, which has contextual information added by family and friends at his funeral. Menjivar complied, scanned, and laid out these archives into a new book with some hand written text. Additionally, Menjivar will work with families in the community to tend to their own family archives and create meaningful projects that reveal a shared human experience.

India’s Kumbh Mela Julia C. Butridge Gallery //July 15 – August 12 // 1110 Barton Springs Rd // Artist Reception: Friday, July 21, 2017 from 7 to 9pm

Greg Davis, an Austin-based photographer and National Geographic Creative, shares an in-depth and enlightening look at the world’s largest spiritual gathering in this photographic exploration of Faith, Devotion and Purpose. The exhibit is accompanied by the short film Cloth Paper Dreams.

The Sanguine Heart Julia C. Butridge Gallery // July 19 – September 16, 2017 // 1110 Barton Springs Rd // Artist Reception: Thursday, July 20, 2017 from 6 to 8pm

Discover a sense of the sacred in Logan Marconi’s new exhibit, The Sanguine Heart. Landscape remnants act as anchor points to locations hovering between presence and absence while layers of glazes produce luminosity and delicate atmospheres that inspire stillness and contemplation. Each painting is worked and reworked, allowing images to disappear and emerge until they reach a state of silence.

East Austin Studio Tour // November 11-12 & 18-19

Big Medium’s 16th annual East Austin Studio Tour is November 11-12 & 18-19, 2017! The free, annual, self-guided art event provides opportunities for the public to meet the local artists and artisans of Austin in their creative spaces. To participate in EAST, artists may apply online at between July 11 and August 11, 2017.