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Upcoming Exhibitions



Host: Elisabet Ney Museum, 304 East 44th St.

Date: July 19, 6:30 – 9pm

Meet Her Hands is a collaborative exhibition series, produced by #bbatx and the Elisabet Ney Museum every summer, featuring three Texan women artists.

This season, we’re proud to host animator and illustrator Alie Jackson, documentary photographer Deborah Valcin and conceptual artist Cindy Popp. Each artist will showcase work within the Elisabet Ney’s collection for two weeks, and throughout the summer we’ll explore sculptor Elisabet Ney’s legacy, while writing a new history of women in the arts.

Deborah is a Haitian filmmaker based in Austin, Texas with five years of videography under her belt. She has a strong passion for screenwriting and has written multiple scripts, two of which became short films. Her passion for her home country of Haiti drives her to constantly come up with new story ideas and a strong desire to bring to light unique stories centered around the Haitian narrative and the Haitian Diaspora. Deborah’s lifelong passion is to explore the fluidity of human condition, the complexity of the Haitian narrative, and the curious nature of emotion and how it manifests itself in art, in others, and in nature. Deborah Valcin also exhibited work at #bbatx’s electronic music and digital arts residency at Native Hostels in May 2018.


Montopolis: The Legend of Big Bend

Host: Stateside at the Paramount, 713 Congress Ave.

Date: July 20, 12am-10pm

The Legend of Big Bend is a performance featuring time lapse video captured in Big Bend, music, and stories.


The Indigo Show

Host: RECSPEC, 2832 East Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

Date: July 21 – September 8

Opening reception: July 21, 5-8pm

Indigo is a spectrum, a transformation, a transition, a contradiction, a green plant that makes blues. The color of both day and night. The pale blue of high noon sky over Texas and the almost-black blue of the deep Pacific Ocean.


Digging Deep: From the Flatbed Flat Files

Host: Flatbed Press and Gallery, 2830 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Date: July 10 – August 25

Opening reception: July 21, 5 – 8pm

Join us this summer for Digging Deep: From the Flatbed Flat Files, a salon-style exhibition featuring a wide array of prints from the fine art publishing press. For 29 years, Flatbed Press has specialized in partnering with artists to create original etchings, lithographs, woodcuts, and painterly prints known as monotypes, printed by hand from copper plates, stone, and carved wood on Flatbed’s printing presses. After two decades in the current East MLK location, Flatbed will be relocating at the end of the year. Organized with the big move in mind, this exhibition digs deep into the vast history of Flatbed publishing to bring together a stunning selection of works priced perfectly for collecting. With close to 100 prints priced from $20 – $1000, this exhibition has something for everyone, making it a fun and unique opportunity to start collecting fine art prints or to add to your existing collection. Come peruse the summer selections on the gallery wall and flip through bins of mounted work featuring artists Julie Speed, Ann Conner, Frank X Tolbert 2, Teresa Gomez-Martorell, David Everett, Francisco Delgado, Sharon Kopriva, Joan Winter, Celia Muñoz, Ken Hale, and many more contemporary and vintage prints. On view in conjunction with Flatbed’s New Publications 2017-2018 exhibition, these summer shows can’t be missed!


Color & Memory: Surface & Substance

Host: Dougherty Arts Center, 1110 Barton Springs Rd.

Date: July 21 – August 18

Opening reception: July 25, 7-9pm

Artist talk: August 8, 7pm

Gudgenov’s abstract sculptures explore the tension between synthetically produced forms and mundane materials recomposed to form complex and organically inspired compositions.  This rigid sculptures are paired with Winn’s gridded color sequences chosen for optical effect will mysteriously conjure soft memories of your grandmother’s lipstick, your 1975 yellow Princess phone and your first car because we all bring memory and attachment to color.


COTFG New Media Art and Sound Summit 2018

Host: Ground Floor Theater, The Resonant Lung and DImension Gallery, 979 Springdale Rd.

Date: Friday evening July 20 – 7pm – midnight
Saturday July 21 – 11am to midnight
Sunday July 22 – 11am to 10pm

COTFG 2018 New Media Art and Sound Summit includes performances at Ground Floor Theater, Dimension Gallery and inside The Resonant Lung with:

Mélanie Genin + Ricardo Romaneiro (Brasil/USA) and visual artist Christian Hannon (USA), Dallas Acid + Hairy Sands, ECCO Screen, Dane Rousay + Megan Easely (amplified water), Vicky Mettler (guitar), PrismATX, Thomas Echols + Invoke, Seth Graham (Orange Milk Records), Quite Eyes of Air (workshop & performance), DAMN Ensemble, Lovely War, Ara Hernandez, Mongoose, Victor Lovlorne, brightbluebeetle typewriter consort, Mister Smile, Charlie’s Peace Process w/ Ricardo Acevedo, Ted Carey, Jeff Young & Paul Pinto, ‘CONFESSIONAL’ (featuring Jamison Williams, Jim Ivy, Thomas Milovac, and Charles Pagano), Leisure Muffin, Try Not To Make Sounds, Primary Mystical Experience, Many Birthdays, The Ak’chamel Giver Of Illness, Phonography Austin, and others TBA soon!


Are You Doing Your Part / In Your Life?

Host: ICOSA Collective Gallery, 916 Springdale Rd, Bldg 2, #10

Date: July 27 – August 25

Opening reception: July 27, 7 – 10pm

Curated by Sean Redmond, Featuring: Leon Alesi, Amy Bench, Darcie Book, Rachelle Diaz, Sarah Hirneisen, Mark Johnson, Dameon Lester, Tammie Rubin, Lana Waldrep-Appl, and Carlos Carillo/Yevgenia Davidoff.

Please join ICOSA Collective for the inaugural exhibition at our new space in the Canopy Complex showcasing the work of 11 new members: Leon Alesi, Amy Bench, Darcie Book, Rachelle Diaz, Sarah Hirneisen, Mark Johnson, Dameon Lester, Tammie Rubin, Lana Waldrep-Appl, and collaborative duo Carlos Carillo/Yevgenia Davidoff. Curated by Sean Redmond, editor of fields magazine, Are You Doing Your Part / In Your Life? explores personal and communal responsibility in the context of artistic pursuit.  Together the work will question what it means to enshrine something and strip it of its practical value, devoid of functionality yet imbued with creative power.

Sean Redmond is the editor in chief of fields, an arts and culture journal that celebrates the up-and-coming and the unsung. fields explores the stories behind the artists’ work while promoting progressive change necessary to foster a more just and compassionate society. Sean has curated various art shows in Austin, and his writing has appeared in Pitchfork, Newcity, The Hypocrite Reader, Fjords, Rubberneck, and elsewhere.


Hyper School

Host: Big Medium Gallery, 916 Springdale Rd, Bldg 2, #101

Date: July 27 – August 18

Opening reception: July 27, 7 – 10pm

Hyper School is a five person group show featuring artists Denise Burge (OH), Jessica Cannon (NY), Michael Henderson (TX), Jessica Simorte (TX), and Sean Sullivan (NY), curated by Max Manning.

The modernist notion of the singular heroic artist has been deconstructed, and what we are left with is a brighter future. Thanks to the internet, artists and their works are less isolated from the cultures they exist within. Hyper School highlights work by artists making strong contributions to the respective expanded fields of painting and drawing and sheds light on a shared aesthetic that crosses generational, geographical, and social boundaries. Isn’t art, at its very core, about coping with the human experience? Indeed, the internet’s social space has the potential to supercharge creative community. Hyper School makes no definitive conceptual or critical statement regarding the criteria for evaluating a good Art, but instead, offers a celebratory and pluralistic survey of artists making sincere and accessible contributions to the universe or media in an age of intellectual poverty in American mainstream culture.


Green Screen Film Series: Song of the Sea

Host: The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria

Date: July 27, Doors at 7:30pm, Film starts at 8:45pm

The Contemporary Austin will screen Song of the Sea as part of its 2018 Green Screen Film Series. Based on the Irish legend of the Selkies, Song of the Sea tells the story of the last seal-child, Saoirse, and her brother Ben, who go on an epic journey to save the world of magic and discover the secrets of their past. Pursued by mythical creatures, they race against time to awaken Saoirse’s powers and keep the spirit world from disappearing forever.

Enthralling for all ages, this breathtaking animated film from the Academy Award-nominated director of The Secret of Kells is a wonder of storytelling and a hand-drawn masterpiece. Music is by composer Bruno Coulais and Irish band Kíla, both of whom previously collaborated on The Secret of Kells.


Reflector: A Group Show

Host: Davis Gallery,  837 W. 12th St.

Date: July 28 – September 8

Opening Reception: July 28, 7-9pm

Davis Gallery is pleased to announce our annual summer group show, Reflector, which will ask each artist to cast their gaze inwardly, and to capture either their whole self or an aspect of “self”. Most artists have chosen to depict themselves via abstractions and symbolic representations, as this exhibition is not limited to only realistic portraits. Each artist will be invited to bring a refreshment to the opening reception that they feel connects with their own identity. The opening reception will be held on July 28th from 7-9 pm, and the show will run from July 29th through September 8th.



Host: Prizer Arts & Letters, 2023 E. Cesar Chaves St.

Date: August 3 – 5

Opening reception: August 3, 6-9pm

Paintings on panel and paper by Andy St. Martin.


Summer Nights

Host: Link & Pin Gallery,  2235 E. 6th St. #102

Date: August 3 – 26

Opening reception: August 4, 6-8pm

Curated by Chris Van Loan, Sr., Summer Nights features abstract works in various media created by six visual artists, Murdock, Ryan Runcie, Glenn Towery, Juanita Cole Towery, Chris Van Loan, Sr. and Zen Van Loan. The opening reception Aug 4, Saturday 6:00 PM-8:00 PM includes a guest appearance and performance by spoken word artist ELEMENT 615.


Meg Aubrey: Surface

Host: Women and their Work, 1710 Lavaca St.

Date: August 4 – September 6

Opening reception: August 4, 7-9pm

Meg Aubrey’s candy colored palette belies the loneliness, disquiet, and isolation she renders in her paintings of up-scale suburban life. Manicured lawns in tree-lined neighborhoods imply a domestic ideal of beauty and security, but Aubrey suggests that acquiring and maintaining this pristine environment exacts a heavy price. These orderly landscapes mirrored by orderly interiors offer scant comfort for the anxiety of their inhabitants.


Joyce Howell Happy Hour and Artist Talk

Host: Wally Workman Gallery, 1202 W 6th St.

Date: August 4 – September 1

Opening reception: August 4, 6-8pm

Wally Workman Gallery will open its 6th solo show with abstract oil painter Joyce Howell. Howell’s palette has always been informed by nature and its flux between calm and chaos. She describes it as an ongoing conversation. Each color and the mark by which it is applied to the canvas informs the next. Colors give the impression of physical weight. Colors become instruments, much as in a musical composition. As the work progresses, the painting becomes a collaborative, a dialogue between Howell and the canvas.


Paul Stankiewicz Opening Reception

Host: Art on 5th Gallery, 3005 S. Lamar Blvd.

Date: August 11 – September 9

Opening reception: August 11, 7 – 9pm

Local artist Paul Stankiewicz is best known for his iconic Austin scenes and neon sign paintings. After 20 years in advertising design, animation, and video game development, Stankiewicz turned his talents to painting and never looked back. He regards each new piece as an experiment.

His latest series combines characters and text pulled from brightly colored food packaging, and is an exciting new departure from his previous work. Paul’s paintings weave together layers of color and texture to create an impression of his subjects. “I look forward to the learning that is about to take place as each new work reveals itself.”


Black Rainbow by Terra Goolsby

Host: Dimension Gallery, 979 Springdale

Date: August 16 – September 29

Opening reception: August 16, 7 – 10pm

Black Rainbow is an exhibition of new sculptural works by multi media artist Terra Goolsby. Utilizing a variety of sensual materials including, porcelain, fur, and quartz, this collection of objects deconstructs accounts on idolatry and it’s association with sculpture. Abstracted figures forge an unadulterated homage to formal elements by exploring surface, tactility, and form. Slick reflective exteriors coupled with tactual interiors establish associations with attachment and materiality.

Terra Goolsby is a multi-media artist that draws upon mythologies, mysticism, science fiction, religious lore, and psychology. Her work connects old narratives and new cultural assessments of female sexuality while investigating the integration of creation and destruction, interiority and exteriority, collectivity and singularity, as well as strength and vulnerability. It’s beauty and politics delve into darker aspects of femininity that lie concealed, dormant or just beneath the surface such as the predatory and the seductive. With a focus on the uncompromising, unbridled and primordial nature of characters and settings, her work harbors an aesthetic that is both dangerous and sensual.

Terra Goolsby holds an MFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has been an artist in residence at several institutions including West Dean College of Sussex University in Chichester, England, Vermont Studio Center, and I-Park Foundation in New Hampshire. Her work has been exhibited through out Texas, nationally, and internationally. She continues to work and live in Austin, Texas.



Host: DORF Gallery, 5701 Lewood Drive

Date: August 25 – September 15

Opening reception: August 24, 7-10pm and August 25, 4-7pm

DORF Presents New Work by Austin Street Artist ANGRY CLOUD + DESCND. The ubiquitous Austin street artist takes over the gallery and grounds with an immersive installation featuring his iconic angry clouds.

For this show, ANGRY CLOUD + DESCND draws parallels between atrocious human conflicts of the
past century and today’s political climate. What happens to societies that propagate and encourage
ideas of fear and divisiveness? Is hate for the “other” a phenomenon innate in human nature, or a wave of madness that overtakes societies that choose not to condemn hate? What do the artist’s personal actions, past and present, reveal regarding these questions?

Current Exhibitions


Stained Slabs

Host: The Dougherty Center, 1110 Barton Springs Rd.

Date: June 16 – July 14

Stained Slabs is a homecoming for urban painter Jonathan Muzacz, as he revisits the cultures of the American south dedicated to lowriders, or “slabs.” Muzacz journeys deep into the mechanics of preserving our rich local cultures as he embraces the form of street art in his highly stylized body of hand-painted works.

Messengers of the Wind

Host: Russian House, 307 E. 5th St.

Date: June 29 – July 16

Russian House of Austin presents: Messengers Of The Wind

A celebration of the magic of birds composed of the works of Rosemary Allen and Juan Villegas. The birds are all around us as emissaries of Heaven and Earth they bring divine messages to help guide us on our individual journeys of life. Each bird holds a new lesson or understanding about the feelings we develop towards ourselves and the world around us. As watchers from above they not only carry a deep wisdom from having the ability to observe all sides but are able to swoop into our lives with synchronicity – just when we need their guidance.


…of Warp and Weft

Host: Davis Gallery, 837 W. 12th St.

Date: June 9 – July 21

Davis Gallery is proud to announce an exhibition featuring the work of Austin based artists Caprice Pierucci and Heppner.  Despite the vastly different mediums of Caprice’s elegant carved wood sculptures and photographs of delicate cheesecloth there is an open dialog of harmony, form and composition.

Caprice Peirucci draws much of her inspiration from her mother, a fiber artist of the late sixties and seventies.  Sinuous repetition, texture, progressive rhythms and linear abstractions surrounded her as a child.  The layers and undulating rhythms in the sculptural forms speak of mortality and the huge expanses of time that lead to one particular moment of beauty.

Heppner’s Sacred Fabric work comes out of his belief in the sanctity of the cosmos.  He was originally inspired by the writings of Cardinal Bernadin’s where he described the ‘seamless garment’ metaphor to illustrate the ‘consistent ethic of life’ he advocated.  Meaning, he believed that there exist a common thread weaving all social justice issues because of the sanctity of a human life. Heppner’s work extends this metaphor by using cheesecloth to represent his belief in the connectedness and interdependence of all things.


The Lure: Margaux Crump

Host: Women and Their Work, 1710 Lavaca St.

Date: June 16 – July 26

For The Lure, Margaux Crump debuts a body of work that explores gender and the natural world through the lens of power relationships. Using the idea of hunting and courting both literally and metaphorically, her sculptures, drawings, and photographs trace the complex movements of power between entities. Materials like sparkling salt licks, golden fishhooks, sex-safe silicone, and fluorescent minerals come together in unfamiliar ways, drawing us in while blurring the boundaries between predator and prey; human and animal; masculine and feminine.


Diana Greenberg Opening Reception

Host: Wally Workman Gallery, 1202 W 6th St.

Date: July 7 – 28

Greenberg’s work is an exploration in color and emotion. Both patterns from nature and figurative paintings are morphed into the abstract.  Prisms of color break through solemn gray to create a feeling of light and hope, joy and serenity. Her current body of work is specifically influenced by Japanese calligraphy and kimonos, antique book covers and music.


I Found You

Host: Link and Pin Gallery, 2235 E. 6th St. #102

Date: July 6 – 29

The artists, Dana Brown, Larry Goode, Christopher Hynes, Amy Scofield and Laura Sturtz, all utilize found objects to create mixed media works that explore humor, whimsy, dreams, and our connection to nature.  The collection of works are comprised of both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional.


The Magical World of Disney

Host: Art on 5th Gallery, 3005 S. Lamar Blvd.

Date: June 22 – August 1

Our 3rd annual summerDisney show begins this weekend! ART on 5th will be featuring new and popular work by officially licensed Disney artists from the Disney Fine Art program. Artist Tennessee Loveless will be painting, dedicating artwork, and meeting fans during both opening reception evenings Friday & Saturday, June 22nd-23rd.

This exhibition will also include collectible pieces from ART on 5th’s massive vintage film memorabilia collection including original film posters and theatrical lobby cards from around the world!


Western Futurism

Host: Yard Dog Art Gallery, 1510 S. Congress Ave.

Date: June 1 – August 1

Jimmy Descant, who calls himself a Severe Reconstructivist, says, “I grew up in New Orleans, lived in Colorado for 10 years, and am now on a 2 to 3 year art adventure with my wife, vintage camper, and cats around the South and West! I am a self-taught artist of 22 years, after 15 years in the music business, in my own style of found object assemblage, specializing in what I call ‘Western Futurism.’ Since 1996 I have scoured the flea markets, thrift stores, and alleys of America, gleaning and using parts from the Golden Age of American manufacturing to disassemble down to the hardware, then upcycle build into my sculptural style and statement of my vision of the West – its Peoples, environment, and social/political conditions.”


Claire Bresette & Jennifer Hill: Figure, Flora, Fauna

Host: The Gallery at Atelier, 1205 East Cesar Chavez

Date: July 14 – August 5

An exhibition featuring works by Claire Bresette and Jennifer Hill.


Refugee is Not My Name - Travels!

Refugee is Not My Name

Host: Austin Public Library, 710 W Cesar Chavez St.

Date: June 7 – August 8

“The Library Foundation presents Refugee Is Not My Name as part of the Mayor’s Book Club at the Central Library Gallery” is a traveling art exhibition highlighting photographic portraits, film, and stories of refugees from around the world who have resettled in Austin. The show will be on display at the Austin Central Library gallery from June 7 – Aug. 5 and is free and open to the public. This exhibition meets Austin residents where they are – in public and iconic spaces throughout the city – and invites them to come and learn the names, see the faces, and get to know some of their refugee neighbors as the unique individuals they are. At each exhibiting location, new portraits and stories will be added. Film by Aaron Weiss, One Story Productions; Writing by Jess Archer; Photography by Ashley St. Clair. Brought to you by The Austin Public Library and STAV Creative.


Source Material

Host: CAMBIAart Gallery, 2832 E. MLK Blvd.

Date: June 16 – August 11

CAMIBAart is excited to present the highly anticipated two-person exhibition “Source Material” featuring William T. Carson and Rebecca Rothfus Harrell.  Both artists have a common interest in geology, natural materials, and the environment yet their artistic techniques and approaches are distinct.

Viewers familiar with these artists will find the artworks created for this exhibit resolutely continue their artistic trajectories.  Rebecca’s newest geology and mineral based abstractions continue to be forged on paper, but now are presented mounted on wood panels free of glass, allowing for a wonderful intimacy and personal connection to the works.  The artworks William constructs for us here continue to explore form and composition while using mica, white sand, and acrylic in addition to his signature coal.

More than simply an exhibition of two artist’s artworks, both artists created the works for this exhibit independently but yet in tandem – talking and visiting with each other periodically about their ideas, influences and developments.  Join us for a thoughtful exhibit exploring Light, Texture, Gesture and Color.


Ann Flemings With Mary Jo Kennard

Host: Hyde Park Bar & Grille, 4206 Duval

Date: July 16 – August 11

Opening reception: July 16, 5 – 7pm

Meet the artists Ann and Mary Jo. Free nibbles and happy hour drink prices. Have a drink. See cool art.


Aram Amini

Host: Paris In a Bite, 3801 N Capital of Texas Hwy.

Date: July 9 – August 12

Born in Montreal, raised in New York and currently based in Austin, Texas, Aram has had a passion for art as far back as she can remember. Her father, a jewelry designer, always encouraged her to delve into her artistic side and she now collaborates with him by featuring his jewelry in her newest collection. Derived from the Vogue campaign, “cocktail d’été”, each piece in her new collection is made with various gemstones, Swarovski crystals and even one to two pieces of her father’s fashion jewelry. Her largest form of inspiration comes from design & fashion, including anything from fabrics and textiles to runway shows and magazines.

She’s constantly exploring new styles and mediums, including high flow acrylics, oil paints, and resin on canvas. “Most artists have a style or brand, but I find it hard to stick to one thing. I love trying out new techniques and starting a completely new look with each collection. I also tend to get lost exploring other peoples works, both established and emerging, reading about their stories, looking at their studios and picturing how they work in that space. I take a little piece of every artist I study with me, and try to bring it into my own work, in my own way.”


Carrie Graber Opening Reception

Host: Art on 5th, 3005 S. Lamar Blvd.

Date: July 14 – August 12

This Southern California native is influenced by the hot summers & warm glowing colors of her home. Her high contrast light and shadow oil paintings feature glamorous scenes of daily life in the Southern California landscape, combining a 19th century mastery of capturing light and illumination on canvas with her own fascination with American mid-century architecture. Graber’s work has been exhibited around the world, and she is considered among the most talented and well-collected contemporary artists of our time. Don’t miss the show!


Infinity X Loop

Host: Dimension Gallery, 979 Springdale Road

Date: June 21-August 14

Infinity X Loop is a visual art exhibition by Randall Taylor. His current body of work under the moniker Amulets expresses his interest in the intersection between visual art and music. His physical cassette tape loops are like mini musical canvases. They create sonic tapestries in his mechanically performative installations. Using recycled tapes and players, he simultaneously fuses music, recycling, art, and nostalgia.

The visual component of his art seeks to reinvent cassette tapes and the use of magnetic tape as a medium. By surgically modifying cassettes, he is able to craft self contained repeating units with intriguing configurations for longer loops. At times, he literally runs the tape out of the housing, running freely through the gallery space. The loops surround the viewer with the magnetic tape itself in a ceaseless circuit. Taylor’s installations explore the inherent, delicate entropy in magnetic tape. Stretching and degradation gradually modify the content as it loops away toward infinity.


2018 Hotbox Residency

Host: St. Edward’s University,  507 Calles St. #108

Date: July 23 – August 18

Applications Open: June 25 – July 13

MASS is excited to announce a partnership with St Edward’s University this summer for their annual Hotbox residency program. The Hotbox residency—now in its sixth year—transforms a gallery space into a working studio for one month of the summer. This summer St. Edward’s University will host the Hotbox residency in their Fine Arts Gallery.

This residency program seeks individual artists or artist-teams interested in participating in a self-directed residency in Austin, TX. While applicants may be at any stage of their career, MASS is particularly interested in nurturing projects that would not be realized otherwise. MASS’s goal is to give artists the opportunity to explore new ideas or practices, and allow the participating artists to engage with the Austin community through their Close Encounters public programming series.



New Editions 2018

Host: Flatbed Press and Gallery, 2832 E. MLK Blvd.

Date: June 5 – August 25

As a fine art print publisher, Flatbed Press welcomes many different artists into their collaborative printshop, artists whose individual studio practices encompass a myriad of artistic mediums. During this time in the studio editions are created under the artist’s direction while technically facilitated by Flatbed Master Printers. The publications resulting from this collaboration are as dynamic and individual as the artists themselves, whether created by layering brightly inked intaglio copper plates, delicately pigmenting fabric for monotyping or collaging hand dyed papers onto an oversized woodcut. Flatbed’s annual New Editions exhibition is an exciting way to celebrate its recent publications as well as the diversity of processes and techniques utilized.

New Editions 2018 features etchings, woodcuts, lithographs, monotypes and monoprints by eleven artists published over the last year. These artists include Richard Amendariz, Taiko Chandler, Michael Ray Charles, Suzi Davidoff, Annalise Gratovich, Tom Huck, Gareth Maguire, Winston Mascarenhas, Bob Schneider, Howard Sherman, Jill Wilkinson, Danny Williams, and Joan Winter.


Rodney McMillian:Against a Civic Death

Host: The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center, 700 Congress

Date: February 1 – August 26

The Contemporary Austin will present a solo exhibition of newly commissioned and recent works by the Los Angeles-based artist Rodney McMillian(American, born 1969 in Columbia, South Carolina). On view at the museum’s downtown location on Congress Avenue, Rodney McMillian: Against a Civic Death is an immersive installation that fills the entire exhibition space and incorporates paintings, sculptural installations, video, and sound pieces.


From the Page to the Street: Latin American Conceptualism in the Blanton’s Collection

Host: The Blanton Museum, 200 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Date: June 30 – August 26

In the 1960s–70s, artists in Latin America participated in the profound reorientation of art traditions known loosely at the time as Conceptualism. From the Page to the Street illustrates the diverse forms these new practices took – including photographs and video, mail art, poems, Xerox copies, publications, and proposals – and the critical charge they carried during a tumultuous time. Paying special attention to the role of drawing in this radical transition, this exhibition proposes that Latin American artists shared a vision for the potential of art to build politicized constituencies, moving their work off the page and into the street.


Xavier Schipani Opening Reception

Host: Lora Reynolds Gallery, 360 Nueces, Suite 50

Date: June 30 – September 01

Opening reception: June 30, 6-8pm

Lora Reynolds is pleased to announce an exhibition of murals, paintings on canvas, and a sculptural installation masquerading as a public bathroom—all by Xavier Schipani.

The nude figures Schipani paints are flat, Wesselmann-esque silhouettes. Their bodies and faces are mostly featureless aside from hair, nipples, genitalia, and a wide range of skin tones.

The murals in the front room point to ancient Greece: wrestling athletes wrapped around a wall-sized amphora, piles of men draped over pedestals that recall the Parthenon, and two groups of strongmen straining against each other in an epic tug-of-war.

The bathroom installation in the back room might first appear to be fairly straightforward—toilet stalls, urinals, sinks, a mirror—but upon entering a stall, one encounters a mass of entangled bodies swarming in hedonistic delight.


Ancestral Modern: Australian Aboriginal Art from the Kaplan & Levi Collection

Host: Blanton Museum, 200 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Date: June 3 – September 9

Ancestral Modern: Australian Aboriginal Art from the Kaplan & Levi Collection features contemporary painting and sculpture by Australian Aboriginal artists. Curated by Pamela McClusky, Curator of African and Oceanic Art at the Seattle Art Museum, the exhibition celebrates the renaissance that has occurred since the 1970s within the millennia-old traditions of indigenous Australian art. Aboriginal people gained increased power and visibility in the late 1960s, following decades of grassroots activism. Since then, many artists have translated motifs from traditional art forms, such as rock and body painting, to media that can be more easily shared with viewers around the world. Their sculptures, large, colorful canvases, and intricately patterned bark strips and hollow logs bear symbols that communicate beliefs and histories, laws and rituals, and a profound connection to the land.


Dan Pham, Lauren Chai and Matthew Koshmrl Opening Reception

Host: Asian American Resource Center, 8401 Cameron Rd.

Date: July 13 – September 23

The Asian American Resource Center is proud to host an exhibit reception featuring works from artists Dan Pham (The Banana’s Identity Cookbook), Lauren Chai (A Place in this World), and Matthew Koshmrl (Dokdo, Lone Island). Exhibitions on display July 13th to September 23rd. Refreshments and light snacks will be served. Free and open to the public.


Wet, Wild, & a Wee Bit of Whimsy

Host: Art for the People Gallery, 1711 S 1st St.

Date: June 27 – October 20

What better way to describe summer in Austin than Wet, Wild & a Wee Bit of Whimsy! Our curators injected a whole lot of “Woo-Hoo” into Art for the People’s summer 2018 exhibition. We had a massive and magnificent open call for artwork, the result of which showcases 60+ Austin artists, 35 of whom are brand new to Art for the People. We are so very grateful to the all the artists who submitted artwork.

Featured artists: Aimée Everett, Alicia Philley, Alison Pilon, Andrea Speed, Anna Mallum, Brian Imler, Bryan Macilko, Carol Aaron, Carol Hayman, Catherine Hicks, Celeste Garvey-Petsch, Chaos Woods, Chris Celusniak, Chris Landry, Christy Stallop, Connor Teseny, Courtney Cavaliere, Dane Gudde, Elizabeth Howard, Eris Gentle, Flaw’d, Gerardo Rodriguez, Hallie Rae Ward, Hilary Christensen, Hunter Saltzgiver, J Sam Frankel, Jamie Stephens, Janis Fowler, Jennifer Brazell, Jessica Timko, Juan Villegas, Julene Franki, Julia Bowman, Katie Cowden, Katie Dunkle, Kerry Hugins, Kimmothy Cole, Kristin Moore, Lacy Lichtenhan, Laura Ackerman, Laura Lee Romaine, Linda Murray, Meg Rainwater, Melanie Farris, Mike Bayer, Nathan Wood, Rachelle Penny, Rakhee Jain, Rebecca Klier, RJ Armstrong, Robert Page, Rosemarie Good, Rosemary Allen, Sarah Beth Elkins, Shawna Stroup Billet, Soledad Fernandez-Whitechurch, Stacey Miller (Kaijuju Designs), Stacy Canion, Stephanie Estrin, Stephen Fehér, Tad Daigle, Teodora Pogonat, Teresa Daugherty, Terri McGee, Theodocia Autumn Mae, Tiny Happy Clay, Ute Walker, Valerie Bentley, and Wendy Gilbert.



Host: The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center, 700 Congress Ave.

Date: Present – October 28

Conceived as a way of engaging with artists whose practices include live time-based events, Learning in Public is a series of discrete public performances, collaborations, and community engagements taking place in the gallery from September 22 to October 28, 2017.


The People’s Gallery 2018 

Host: Austin City Hall, 301 W. 2nd Street

Date: February 2018 – January 2019

The People’s Gallery is designed to showcase the work of regional artists and to encourage public dialogue, understanding, and enjoyment of visual art. Each year, the Cultural Arts Division issues a call for artworks to Austin-area artists, galleries, museums, and arts organizations. This year, approximately 1,300 entries were submitted by more than 320 local artists. The 2018 selection panelists were arts educator and artist Teruko Nimura; artist and Preparator (Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas at Austin) John Sager; and artist and Professor of Art, St. Edward’s University Tammie Rubin.




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