WEST Picks 2017

WEST Picks 2017


It’s time for Spring studio touring! With 331 participants, there is a wealth of diverse talent to be discovered.

We asked some of our favorite local art influencers to pick just 3 stops, – an impossible task, we know, to help guide you into the familiar, the unexpected, and the unknown of WEST Austin Studio Tour 2017.

Want to know what else is happening this week and the rest of the year? Head over to Austin Art Weekly.


Art Alliance Austin’s
 Jade Walker’s picks:


Jade Walker is the Interim Executive Director of Art Alliance Austin. She oversees the vision as well as the overall management for the organization. She was previously the director of the Visual Arts Center and the Courtyard Gallery at The University of Texas at Austin and ran the Baughman Center at the University of Florida.

In addition to her work at Art Alliance Austin, Jade is a practicing artist and received the Artist of the Year Award in 2016 from the Austin Critics’ Table. She sits on the Austin Art in Public Places Panel for the City of Austin and the planning committee for Christian- Green Gallery at the Warfield Center.

Avery Orendorf

Avery Orendorf | WEST 209, 707 W Live Oak St

“I always like to pick a studio I have not visited before and know little about. Avery’s murals are sweet and funny plus use off beat spaces. I love the way the tours have allowed artists to host guests and think this line up looks diverse. I am a sucker for weavers! Those reasons will send me to Avery Orendorf’s studio this year for sure. ”

Karen Offutt WEST 95, 1805 Romeria Dr

“Karen is such a talented painter and her studio reveals her detailed process with bits of texture and considerations of light.  In full disclosure, I will walk to this studio from my house and this is what I love about the tours! I did not know Karen (who practically shares my backyard) until I visited her on the WEST tour a few years back.”

Christina Coleman | WEST 128, 1006 W 31st St

Christina is such an evolving artist and I am excited to see what turns she has made this year. She will be at de stijl gallery, with her cozy studio next door. She will show with Jieun Beth Kim… another artist I find compelling.”

Jeanne Claire van Ryzin‘s picks:


Jeanne Claire van Ryzin is an award-winning writer who writes about arts and culture.  Her work has been published by Hyperallergic, the New York Times, Architecture magazine, Dwell magazine and Art Papers, among other publications. Recently she was writer-in-residence for the Fusebox Festival. For 17 years, she was staff arts critic for the Austin American-Statesman.

Christina Coleman

Christina ColemanDameon LesterJieun Beth Kim de stijl WEST 128-130, 1006 W 31st St

“De Stijl debuted at last year’s WEST and has continued to be a sharp spot on Austin’s indie gallery landscape.The trio exhibiting for the tour — Coleman, Kim and Lester — are all sophisticated, original and emerging talents who are deftly and intriguingly exploring identity and large ideas.”

Blue Genie Art Bazaar | WEST 46, 6100 Airport Blvd

“Congratulations to the Blue Genie crew for always creating opportunities for community. After moving their popular holiday market to a new location last year, they’ve now opened the space for WEST so several dozens artists and artisans can exhibit.  This stop is bound to be a blast.”

Pop-Up at the Neill-Cochran House Museum WEST 136,2310 San Gabriel St

“Pop-up exhibit at the Neill-Cochran House Museum, 2310 San Gabriel St. Last year was the first for this super creative version of the pop-up exhibit and I’m delighted to see it happening again. A roster of 14 artists display their work among the historical art and period furnishings of this elegant 1850s mansion. The contrast is delightful and so is the sense of discovery as you wander from room to room.”

Kaitlin Merchant Davison picks:


Beneath a bare bulb at night, or by the gentle Austin sun streaming through her studio in East Austin in the day, Kaitlin Merchant Davison creates emotions, movement and depth by applying acrylic and oil to canvas. Kaitlin attended the New York School of Visual Arts before settling down with her brushes in Austin at the University of Texas’ College of Fine Arts. She also served as Assistant Gallery Director at a local Austin gallery.

B Shawn Cox

B Shawn Cox WEST 123, 1411 Gaston Ave

“B Shawn Cox works with color and retro figures in a playful and colorful way in his Fabricadabra series. Shawn stretches fabric and paints portraits from retro, mostly found photographs.”

Greg Davis WEST 254, 2309 Thornton Rd, Studio M

“Greg Davis creates stunning photographs with National Geographic. His use of light, composition, and ability to capture both beauty and the culture are incredible. ”

Rachel Walter WEST 98, 5612 Bull Creek Rd

“I’m looking forward to stopping by Rachel Walter’s studio and seeing her work for the first time. Rachel creates awe inspiring deeply layered skyscapes and spacescapes. ”

Ian Seyer picks:


Ian Seyer is a sculptor and creative community organizer based in Austin. Director of Topology Exhibition Space. He has aided in the development of several supportive spaces for artists and technical creatives including Vuka and Chicon Collective.

Elise Moltz

Tyson PendergrassWEST 45, 6814 Pioneer Pl

Artist Statement: “We believe in thoughtfully designed furniture that is made to last. Each piece is conceptualized and built by hand in our workshop.”

Elise MoltzWEST 54, 6100 Airport Blvd

Elise Moltz is a visual and performance artist from Austin, Texas. These portraits start with photographs that are processed into layers and laser cut. Variations of each processed photograph are cut into paper and hand-dyed felt. They experiment with how the inclusion or exclusion of varying layers of detail, colors, and abstraction affect our perception of the human face.

Kris OhlingerWEST 110, 5317B Aurora Dr

Artist Statement: “Forests, the interior of clothing racks, oof! High-mag images of particles sure are interesting. Drones with their ominous hovering would be nicer if they were quiet and less zippy-danger. So, I’ve been making some dangling things. Trash materials tortured and agglomerated towards “spicy”. Come be mildly inconvenienced in your movements like public transit soup going nowhere! It’s at least quiet.”


WEST Austin Studio Tour

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