Appreciation Party – May 2013

Appreciation Party – May 2013


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It is because of you that:


ART CITY AUSTIN turned the center of downtown into a celebration of art, culture, and creativity

ART NIGHT AUSTIN showcased an array of artists and spaces that reflected the diversity of our city

DOWNTOWN HOLIDAY STROLL filled Congress Ave with creative energy and animated light projection

PECHAKUCHA inspires with insightful presentations that display the breadth of contemporary creativity



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2013 Outstanding Volunteer and Partner Awards

Every year we like to take a moment to honor Art Alliance Austin’s volunteers and partners. Each of our members and volunteers helps us create great experiences and makes the work we do possible.

And the award goes to …

Board Member of the Year – David Bodenman
Volunteer of the Year – Steve Maddox
Partner of the Year – Megan Crigger / City of Austin
Committee of the Year – Ryan Bennett & Stuart Wilson
Super Hero – Dan Cheetham
Magic Maker – Emily Torgerson
Couldn’t Do it Without You – Libby Conine & Riley West
Innovator – Heather Watson
Secret Weapon – Karen Pinera
Jack of All Trades – Joel Nolan
Behind the Scenester – Mark Traeger
Master of Groove – Macy Ryan
All in the Family – The McMahons
Dynamic Duo – Samantha Gallion & Rachel Malish

Special thanks to our 2013 Event Chairs!

Art City Austin – Alicia Hartzell
Art Night Austin: preview EAST – Alexis Lanman
Art Night Austin: preview EAST – Christa Berry
Art Night Austin – Rachel Haggerty Stephens
Art Night Austin – Elizabeth Tigar


become a member  —>>>  JOIN TODAY  <<<—  deepen your commitment to Art Alliance


We’re saying THANK YOU for volunteering by offering a discounted membership to Art Alliance.

We hope that your experience volunteering was fulfilling, rewarding, and fun! For many of  our volunteers Art Alliance Austin becomes an extended family, because we are a tight network of friends that share a common vision: to advance the city through art, culture and creativity through public life. Today we’re asking you to consider deepening your commitment to Art Alliance Austin and become a member. Our members are critical to this organization’s sustainability and any future growth is directly tied to your membership.

For the rest of the month of May we’re offering a reduced base membership of just $25 for those who have volunteered with us over the past year. The base membership includes member events/parties, staying up to date on projects, events, and happenings, and most importantly that great feeling of knowing that YOU are integral part of art in Austin.

Thank you for all that you do for us. We are forever grateful to our wonderful team of volunteers because without you this truly would not be possible.

Please visit our membership page to join today. Click here.