A look back at ARTBASH 2015:


On November 7th. 2015 Art Alliance Austin with the help of curators Andrea Faye Hyland and Seth Orion Schwaiger and 14 amazing artists and artist collectives transformed the Belmont in a singular experience. 55 guests joined us for dinner and a performance by Dana Falconberry , and then a few hundred came out to party, buy art, dance, and experience art in a new way. Thanks to everyone that attended, participated in, and supported the inaugural and ambitious ARTBASH 2015 – it was amazing, wild, and wonderful.


Photos by Rich Merritt and David Bailie.

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Join us as we celebrate Art Alliance Austin with our inaugural Fall fundraiser, ARTBASH.  Each ticket sale helps us reach our goal of establishing Austin as the leading art marketplace in Texas.

Our work throughout the year consists of connecting the community to the arts here in Austin, partnering with all fine arts organizations and artists, big and small, established and emerging, and now it’s time to join together and celebrate.

Saturday, November 7th 2015 at The Belmont, 305 W Sixth


Art Alliance brings the most exciting art event of the year to Austin: ARTBASH 2015.

ARTBASH is a single night art party meets art exhibition meets art event. We’re working with some of Austin’s most talented minds, curators, and artists to bring a brand new event to Austin this November. We’ve got a mix of local and international artists, new works, site-specific installations, performances, we’re premiering new artists, and some of Austin’s most established names.

To curate the event Art Alliance worked closely with Andrea Faye Hyland and Seth Orion Schwaiger. The exhibition is loosely based around dreams as a point-of-departure for artists and curators. The theme allows artists the freedom to explore a variety of themes, some darker, others erotic, and still others surreal.

We’re excited to present established Austin artists like Terri Thomas and Bob Schneider alongside emerging Texas artists like Brittani Broussard. Additionally, international artist Urara Tsuchiya will be shipping costumes and instructions for a performance and we’ll be presenting new work by some of Austin’s most talked about: Elizabeth McDonald, Sarah Elizabeth Stevens, and Christina Coleman.

The event begins with the ARTBASH Dinner reception where guests will enjoy an exclusive preview of the exhibition / event and a more intimate opportunity to meet select artists, partners, and curators. Austin-based songwriter and musician Dana Falconberry will offer a private performance. Tickets to the ARTBASH Dinner include a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres preview followed by a seated coursed dinner with complimentary drinks. Additionally, dinner guests receive complimentary valet parking and a general admission ticket for the event from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

From 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM celebrate art and experience it in an immersive, engaging, and fun environment. The Belmont will be transformed with the help of Austin lighting company KETRA whose dynamic system has been used on art masterpieces as well as everyday solutions for homes. Additionally, we’ll have ethereal live music performed by Henna Chou. Drinks provided by Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Brown Distributing Company. And the evening will be capped off by crazy fun dance party courtesy of SXSW selected DJs.



CURATORS: Andrea Faye Hyland & Seth Orion Schwaiger

ARTISTS: Backstop Art, Brittani Broussard, Christina Coleman, Elizabeth McDonald, Rebecca Marino, Bob Schneider, Sarah Elizabeth Stevens, Terri Thomas, Urara Tsuchiya, Alyssa Taylor Wendt, Natalie Bradford, Tsz Kam, and Kate Wilson

MUSIC: ARTBASH Dinner exclusive with Dana Falconberry, Dance Party by SXSW,  and a live performance by Henna Chou

ARTBASH HOST COMMITTEE: Valerie Cason, Moyo Oyelola, Abigail Fine, Jovana Kemenko, Riley West


Thank you to our sponsors:


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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City  of Austin Economic Development Department.



Andrea Faye Hyland

Andrea Faye Hyland is a visual artist, curator, and educator originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, and has been living in Austin, Texas since 2007. She earned her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin, and she has been working in the Austin art community in a variety of capacities. As a visual artist, she has worked both individually and collaboratively and has shown her works in solo, group, and collaborative exhibitions; her collaborations include work with Emily Cayton as Hyland/Cayton since 2013 as well as being a founding member of the artist collective Ink Tank since 2011. She created abb gallery and recently founded test tube, an experimental art space she built and continues to program with emerging, multidisciplinary contemporary art. Sharing art through education, Hyland has traveled to Nicaragua with Project School House and integrates art and art making into her current early childhood teaching setting.

Seth Orion Schwaiger

Seth Orion Schwaiger is an artist, curator, and critic. Schwaiger was raised in Wyoming and holds studios in Austin, Texas. He works in Austin primarily as a critic and artist. In addition to this, and with some frequency, he works as a freelance curator in Glasgow, Scotland. He received a BFA, at the University of Wyoming and an MFA at the Glasgow School of Art. Prior to his return to education, Schwaiger was a prominent figure in the development of The Chalet, an artist run studio and exhibition space in Glasgow’s Govanhill. He frequently contributes art criticism for Arts+Culture magazine, The Austin Chronicle, Glasstire, and Sculpture Magazine.

Schwaiger has produced permanent public sculpture in Dallas, Texas, Devon, England, and Laramie, Wyoming.

ARTISTS (in reverse-alphabetical order)

Alyssa Taylor Wendt

Work in exhibition: A clip from her feature length film HAINT and photography.

Alyssa Taylor Wendt works as a multimedia artist with a focus on photography. Her current work revolves around developing a visceral translation of her inner self into objects, photographic evidence and the moving image. Additionally she builds on powerful themes like: cycles of historical pattern; the fallacy of memory and impermanence of image; monument vs. ruin; personal cosmology as a medium and ritual.

Wendt was born in NYC, holds a photography degree from NYU, and a MFA from the International Center of Photography and Bard College. Wendt is currently based in Austin, Texas. Wendt has been awarded artist residencies in Norway and Iceland, she has performed at The Museum of Art and Design in New York City, Deitch Projects, Location One, St. Cecilia’s, envoy gallery, Colab Projects and the Fusebox Festival in Austin.

Urara Tsuchiya

Work in exhibition: Artist costuming and performance, first time performed in the United States.

“In my practice I explore domestic situations and the disconcertion that can be found in the familiar, personal and private worlds,” says Urara Tsuchiya. “My work includes creating live performances and videos that often incorporate soft sculptures, using fabric and crochet techniques (knitted things), found objects, food, and masks. I aim towards the humorous and strange and in exploring the concept of domesticity I blur and remove the neutralizing, distanced aspect of making my work obviously ‘art.’”

Urara was born and grew up in Japan. She completed her BA in fine art at Goldsmiths in 2007. She currently lives and works in Glasgow.

Terri Thomas

Work in exhibition: A new installation featuring sculpture, video, and photography.

Terri Thomas’ work begins with a philosophical question and is best known for taking the form of large-scale cinematic painting or sculptures. Thematically her work investigates beauty, femininity, sexuality, mortality, and formed from imagery and aesthetics that Thomas culls from her 15 years in the fashion industry – particularly those that deal with the commodification of beauty and the notion of industry set standards of beauty. Thomas then layers this with allusions to art history to create a complex body of work using glossy shimmering imagery.

Terri Thomas lives and works in Austin, TX. She has had solo shows in Chelsea, NY, Washington, DC, Houston, and Austin; and been invited to group exhibitions from coast to coast.

Sarah Elizabeth Stevens

Work in exhibition: Installation / sculpture previously exhibited in Memphis, first showing of this work in Texas.

In Sarah Elizabeth Stevens’ most recent work, the artist has replaced the collage and gestural mark making she employed in her early work with ready-mades and technology. She has described her work as “contemplative but tongue-in-cheek,” creating “abstract, corporal forms that are both whimsical and grotesque.”

Sarah Elizabeth Stevens is a native Austinite who trained at Rhodes College in Memphis. Her 2008 multi-media installation The Staypuft Harbringer served as Co-Lab’s inaugural exhibition, as the space was transformed from Steven’s studio to Co-Lab’s gallery space on Allen Street. Stevens has exhibited across the state of Texas and in group and solo exhibitions in Memphis, TN.

Bob Schneider

Work in exhibition: A series of print collages.

You may know Bob Schneider best from his music career – he’s cut nearly 20 solo albums, toured nationally as a headliners, and won countless top Austin Music Awards. He’s built himself into an Austin icon in this regard.

However, even with a prolific music career, Schneider has developed a strong portfolio and adept talent in the art studio as well. Schneider works with collage and printmaking techniques to develop layered images of abstracted portraits. They grace the cover of some of his albums. It’s not a new interest but one that began at UT-El Paso as an undergrad and has continued to build upon in Austin at Flatbed Press.

Elizabeth McDonald

Work in exhibition: A new neon sculpture, made for ARTBASH.

Elizabeth McDonald is a multimedia artist whose work is primarily concerned with the role of ritual as a human invention to intercede and manipulate power differentials that would otherwise remain outside of one’s control. Her work takes the form of paintings, sculpture, video, and installations as she explores these concept themes via an adept and contemporary aesthetic.

Elizabeth McDonald was born in Plano, TX; received her MFA from the Glasgow School of Art; and currently lives and works in Austin, TX. McDonald was a finalist for the Celeste Art Prize in 2010, and finalist for the Hunting Art Prize in 2010, 2012, and 2015.

Rebecca Marino

Work in exhibition: Photography.

Rebecca Marino is an artist and curator based in Austin, Texas. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she graduated from St. Edward’s University in 2010. She was selected for the Texas National 2010 by artist and juror Judy Pfaff. Her work was featured in the exhibition Field Collsion, which was nominated by the Austin Critics Table Award for best group exhibition in 2013-2014 and was included in the Austin Chronicle’s “Top Ten of Austin’s Visual Art 2013.” Her solo exhibition The Best Available Evidence opens at grayDUCK gallery in April 2016.

Christina Coleman

Work in exhibition: A new sculpture, made for ARTBASH.

Christina Coleman is a multimedia artist whose work explores the aesthetics of hair and its role in various world cultures. For ARTBASH 2015 Coleman explores dreams and the hypnotic dream state to uncover the ways that we communicate with ourselves. Coleman’s sculptures use synthetic braiding hair, barrettes, and combs to build weapons and totemic objects of ritual power and explore issues of empowerment, disenfranchisement, survival, and religion.

Coleman was born in Los Angeles, holds an undergraduate degree from UCLA and a MFA from UT Austin. Coleman lives and works in Austin, TX.

Brittani Broussard

Work in exhibition: A series of video projections.

Brittani Broussard is a multi-media artist based out of Houston, Texas. After an initial interest in fashion, which she studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Broussard transferred to the University of Texas at Austin to focus on studio art. Her work still explores themes that alter the figure using some of the language of fashion, but Broussard augments popular imagery and youth pop culture to achieve outstanding and surprising results.

Natalie Bradford, Tsz Kam, and Kate Wilson

Work in exhibition: installation and interactive drawings.

Natalie Bradford currently lives in Austin, pursuing a BFA in Studio Art at the University of Texas. Bradford utilizes printmaking and painting to examine parallels between feminine, human bodies and non-human, animal bodies in relation to modes of production and consumption. Born in Hong Kong, Tsz Kam received their BFA in Studio Art from University of Texas in 2015. Through multimedia work, Kam explores the relationship between their queer gender identity and an exotified feminine body existing in the West. Kate Wilson is an artist originally from and currently working in Austin, Texas. She makes objects using methodologies that mimic those she learned studying sociocultural anthropology. Her prints, drawings and multimedia sculptures organize data she has collected into visual systems of information in order to question the legibility and rationality of these modes of communication.

Backstop Art (Hannah Baker)

Work in exhibition: A sculpture and sound installation.

Backstop Art is collaborative group featuring three multidisciplinary artists Hannah Baker, Lauren Gurgiolo, Wendy Mitchell. The three artists each bring a particular skillset – whether that be sculpture, sound, digital and technical interfaces. Combined, this group creates multifaceted interactive art experiences that fluctuate between the introverted dialogue of the self and an extraverted presentation of ideas and performance.

The group formed in 2011 and is based in Austin, TX.