On October 13th, Mexic-Arte Museum will honor Guatemalan Mexican artist Rina Lazo at the 2018 Catrina Ball. Lazo will be honored for her lifetime achievements in Mexican art and culture. While attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Guatemala, she won a scholarship to study painting in Mexico. Lazo studied at La Esmeralda, the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking in Mexico City where faculty included famed artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

Lazo assisted Mexican muralist, Diego Rivera, beginning in 1948 with the Sueño de una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda Central at the Hotel del Pardo. Then, until 1957, she assisted on other murals such as the Lerma Water Intake Station in Chapultepec and the natural stone mosaic of the Olympic Stadium at the University City of Mexico. Diego once remarked,”Rina Lazo, [is] a painter of great talent. My beloved friend, my right hand … the best of my assistants.” Rivera also stated that Rina possessed a manner “that allowed her to collaborate with me to the point that later, I could not distinguish, on my own fresco, the areas that I had painted…”

Maestra Lazo was an instructor at the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico City for more than thirty years. Lazo created mural projects at the Museo de la Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala and the Museo de Antropologia in Mexico City and is currently working on a mural for Mexic-Arte Museum which will make its debut at the Museum in the near future.

Maestra Lazo has received many awards throughout her career including the Order of the Quetzal, the highest possible distinction awarded by the Guatemalan government. It is a great honor for Mexic-Arte Museum to be able to celebrate Maestra Lazo’s accomplishments in Austin, Texas.