Vending Machine: Ink Tank

Vending Machine: Ink Tank

ink tank machine at o henry

The machine is currently located at Pump Project located at 702 Shady Lane. Go visit it, vend some zen, and don’t let it get lonely.

About the project:


As a response to Austin’s rapidly changing landscape, the artist collective Ink Tank has repurposed a soda pop vending machine and rigged it to play recorded audio clips which provide the listener with a complimentary guided meditation. Each press of the button brings deeper relaxation: breath — hold — release — control — emerge — affirm — harness — and finally reaching “ok.” Ink Tank member Emily Cayton explains, “Each instruction is unique, and offers a different style of relaxation, ranging from concrete exercises to abstract journeys.” The image on the front of the vending machine is a lithium quartz crystal, a healing crystal, when touched it releases energy that sheds stress and anxiety.

The machine is free to use and any monies collected will be donated to various local area nonprofits. Additionally, the machine doubles as a community bulletin board. Feel free to use the magnets on it to post information flyers.

The project is now in its third location: two downtown Austin parks and downtown Chicago.  In addition to changing the object’s site, the vending machine can evolve over time: images, buttons, and sounds replaced for new locations, becoming a site-specific sound gallery. “As time goes on, we will present new content and essentially curate different projects,” said Clayton. If you or your organization is interested in exhibiting the project (publicly or privately), purchasing the project, and/or commissioning new sounds please contact Art Alliance Austin at:

This project is presented by Art Alliance Austin and made possible in part by a grant from the Downtown Austin Alliance.


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About the organization and artists:


Art Alliance Austin (est. 1956) engages people with great art by supporting Austin’s most promising visual artists and arts organizations to build a vibrant, informed community. The non-profit, member-powered organization promotes and funds visual art by commissioning temporary public art and producing experiences that bring artists and collectors together while generating economic benefit for the entire city.

Ink Tank is an Austin-based artist collective composed of roughly thirteen individuals. Together we make objects and conceptual environments, aiming to privilege the experience and not the relic. We don’t live in the future, but try sometimes. Here is list of current collective members: Andrea Faye Hyland, Austin Nelsen, Casey Polachek, Chris Whiteburch, David Culpepper, Emily Cayton, Jeremy Burks, Julia Clark, Landon O’Brien, Matt Lively, Matthew John Winters, Nate Ellefson, Thomas John Lemanski, and Vladimir Mejia.


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This project is funded and supported in part by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts and in part by the City of Austin Economic Development Department/Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future.  Visit Austin at