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2010 magda sayeg

Magda Sayeg is the founder of the original knit graffiti crew Knitta Please. Knitta Please first began tagging in 2005, covering parking meters, buses, bike racks, lampposts, car antennas, statues, and exposed plumbing – all of the fixtures in an urban world that generally go unnoticed. She termed this innocuous act of subversion yarnbombing. The Texas resident shared her knit graffiti with Austin before traveling the world to complete large commissioned projects.

For Art Week Austin 2010, Sayeg covered everyday elements of downtown with intricate swaths of knitted, repurposed material. In particular, with the permission of Artist Carl Trominski, she yarnbombed the “Moments” panels found at the Lamar Bridge Railroad Underpass.

Suddenly mundane elements of the city such as parking meters, bike racks, and lampposts become a recognizable form of art. It can often be difficult to appreciate the aesthetic of these objects, but Sayeg’s work forces the viewer to look twice. We acknowledge the urban fixtures for what they are and what they have the potential of becoming. Sayeg’s modernization of craft invited Austin into a dialogue of art and its surroundings.

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