Projects: Files Desks Chairs


FILES DESKS CHAIRS was an exhibition that took TOPS, a former office supply warehouse, as its organizing principle. Featuring a varied grouping of artists from Texas and New York, this show demonstrated ideas related to but not limited by: abstraction, materiality, text, color, space, perception, and scale. Artists in the exhibition included:

Patrick Arnold (NY); Megan Carney (TX); Mark Flood (TX); Rachel Hecker (TX); Christian Heidsieck (TX); Dani Leventhal (NY); Justin Lieberman (NY); Ian Pedigo (NY); Michael Bell Smith (NY).

WORK RELATED presented a night of music performance on Saturday, April 21st, 8-11pm curated by Travis Kent. Artists included: Hubble (NY); Paradise (TX); White Dog (TX, NY, LA). WORK RELATED is an evolving series that promotes experimental sound and language. In an intimate and open environment, we suggest possibilities of correspondence through the grouping of disparate approaches to performance. WORK RELATED creates a space to investigate catharsis, duration, repetition, exhaustion, awkwardness, simplicity, complexity, and ascension.




About the curators of FILES DESKS CHAIRS:

Sterling Allen received his BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin in 2003. He was a co-director of Camp Fig gallery from 2004 until the gallery closed its doors in 2006. Together with 8 other Austin artists he founded, and currently co-directs Okay Mountain gallery. He has shown at the Austin Museum of Art, the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston and numerous galleries across Texas including Art Palace in Austin and Road Agent in Dallas. Allen has received residencies in Nebraska, New York, and Vermont, and he recently completed residencies at the Artpace International Artist-In-Residence in San Antonio, Texas, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska, as well as a solo project at VOLTA-NY during the Armory Show.

Katie Geha is writer, curator, and art historian living in Austin, TX. Before she moved to Texas to attend the PhD program in art history at the University of Texas, Austin, she was the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Ulrich Museum in Wichita. She currently runs SOFA, a gallery she runs out of her apartment in the Hyde Park area.