Red Swing Project


Art City Austin 2012 kicked off an with an iteration of The Red Swing Project; a public art initiative in which red swings are placed in public spaces anonymously to inspire playfulness everywhere.


The Red Swing Project was founded in Austin in 2007 to positively impact under-utilized public spaces in the city. The idea is simple: a basic red swing has the power to transform a vacant lot or highway into an unexpected playground. In the last five years, nearly 200 red swings have “mysteriously” appeared to activate spaces around the globe. With each swing, special attention is paid to the public’s response to this familiar object set in an unfamiliar place.

The project equips others to take control of their own public environments by offering an open-source project that is easily replicable. This spring, Art Alliance Austin has commissioned The Red Swing Project to install numerous swings throughout downtown Austin.

Want to make your own swing? Grab the how-to booklet HERE, or check out this awesome video:


Learn more about the Red Swing Project by visiting