Totally Cool Totally Art (TCTA) has been cultivating creative teens since 1996. TCTA is unique in that the classes are completely free to Austin’s youth teen community. Teens will learn various techniques by working directly alongside professional artists. The program reinforces positive choices by offering art appreciation in a mentoring environment. TCTA is built to help give teens new experiences, build respect and trust, keep them out of trouble during high-risk after school hours and improve their skills in creative expression, communication, teamwork and arts appreciation. For 7th – 12th graders.

Host: Austin Parks and Recreation, 10 recreational centers

Dates: October – May, Monday – Thursday, 5 – 8 pm

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Class Description

Art of Machines
An introduction to the art of machines, technology, and pre-engineering.  An exciting class based on tinkering and kinetic sculpture where we will work with small electric engines, LED lights and switches to create imaginative machines and sculptures.  This class is must for anyone who’s ever wanted to take things apart and put them back together!

This class will explore the basics of working with metal such as copper, brass, and soda cans to make some amazing pieces of sculpture or jewelry.  We will also explore a wide range of wearable arts.  This class is sure to be a blast as you bend, hammer and cut your projects to perfection!  Look out da Vinci!

Urban Art
Students will get to explore their artistic expression through spray paint, paint markers, stencil, wheat paste, screen printing and more.  They’ll learn about the history of Street Art and Graffiti and how these forms are used to represent cultural voices and build community awareness.  This powerful art form will help strengthen their voice and confidence in art making.

Short Film
Roll Camera and Action!!  Nothing is more fun than making a guerilla style short film with your friends.  Storyboarding, writing, directing, acting, shooting and editing; there is a role for every personality type when making a film from start to finish.  It’s not as hard as you think.  We’ll dawn some fun costumes and have a blast until we hear Cut!
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