WEST 2016 Studio Guide

WEST 2016 Studio Guide

What are you going to see at WEST this year? Need help? Start here with a diverse but expert selection of interesting WEST stops.


This week is filled with guides to help Austinite’s navigate the 300+ stops of the West Austin Studio Tour (WEST). But they’re usually from a singular point of view trying to make sense of this new, diverse, and changing organism of WEST. So, we figured it would be fun, and more useful, to ask a bunch of people to pick just 3 stops, – an impossible task, we know, so it’s not really a “best of” list, it’s a “I’m excited to see” or “here’s something new” list, or sometimes it is a “hey, this is my must see list.”


Enjoy this list and enjoy your pair of WEST weekends! Want to know what else is happening this week and the rest of the year? Head over to Austin Art Weekly. Okay let’s get to the picks …


Conflict of Interest’s Rebecca Marino picks:


Rebecca Marino is co-editor of Conflict of Interest, an online magazine that covers the visual art and literary communities of Austin, Texas. The magazine does a deep dive into both communities and highlights the people working within them through articles, interviews, and featured work. The name Conflict of Interest stems from the overtly interwoven nature of Austin’s creative community. Rather than shy away from conflicts of interest, this group celebrates our tightly knit community.

In addition to her work at Conflict of Interest, Rebecca is the Gallery Director at pump project and visual artist, she just closed a recent solo show at grayDUCK Gallery titled, The Best Available Evidence, here’s a review by H.C. Arnold in The Austin Chronicle.

Sonya Berg, Free

Sonya Berg, Free

Sonya Berg | WEST 45, 1500 Ruth Ave

“Sonya is definitely a stand-out artist on the WEST tour presenting some solid contemporary artwork. It’s been a minute since I’ve seen her work in person–I think the last time was her show at Tiny Park in like, 2013, and I’m really stoked to see what she’s been working on since then.”

Brooke Gassiot | WEST 244, 2001 S Lamar Blvd

“Brooke hands down brings something new and interesting to the table with her light sculptures and installations. I find the change of pace in media here totally refreshing.”

de stijl Gallery | WEST 123, 1006 W 31st St

“Super excited for a new gallery space in Austin, and this first show has a really promising line up–including two of my favorites, Christina Coleman and Janaye Brown.”

fields magazine’s Sean Redmond picks:


Sean Redmond is the Editor in Chief of fields is a print publication designed to spotlight writers, musicians, poets, painters, illustrators, and creative types of all stripes, with an emphasis on the up and coming and the unsung. We are interested in the everyday people who create and write and make and express themselves in multitudinous ways. fields is about the idiosyncratic pursuits that occupy our time and enrich our lives. Our articles, interviews, and essays are an exploration and celebration of the myriad means by which the human spirit manifests itself.

fields produces two print issues per year, check the out here.

fields also produces a blog that be seen here.

Alexis Kraus, Tactile

Alexis Kraus, Tactile

YOUNGSONS | WEST 175, 721 Congress Ave
“YOUNGSONS is a collaboration between one of my favorite local artists, Drew Liverman, and Michael Ricippio of Santa Fe. The two previously exhibited together at MASS gallery, in one of the most exciting exhibits of 2013. I look forward to seeing more of their playful, adventurous work in this Co-Lab exhibit.”

Alexis Kraus and McConnell Bobo, “Papercut”WEST 197, 1702 Kinney Ave

fields hosted Alexis’s first Austin show during EAST last year, and I really love interacting with her laser-cut prints. I can’t wait to see what new designs she’s come up with.:

Wyss Bronko – Drugparty Collaborative – Studio C – Thornton Road Studios | WEST 253, 2309 Thornton Rd

“Suzanne Wyss’s massive installations are a highlight of any exhibition, and while we’re not as familiar with Bronko’s work, anything described as “an unfurling of the mind” is worth checking out.”

CAMIBAart Gallery’s Troy Campa picks:


Troy Campa, AIA is owner and director of CAMIBAart. Founded in 2014 to explore avenues of service to the art community, CAMIBAart is interested in contemporary concept-based art with a focus on materials and an emphasis on the quality of craft and attention to detail and specializes in works by regional artists. Their portfolio also includes artist from around the country, Canada and Mexico.

Laura Latimer, Dispersal

Laura Latimer | WEST 38, 6814 Pioneer Pl

“Always exciting to see what she has in the works.”

Marjorie Moore | WEST 162, 1309 W 9th 1/2 St

“Like stepping into a cross between an artists studio and a mad scientists lab, go in with an open mind and you’ll not be disappointed!”

Larry Akers WEST 186, 2311 Ridgeview Dr

“He has a way with using mixed media to create playful and ever-changing patters, be ready to spend some time here.”

Roi James’ picks:


Roi James is an Austin based artist. His paintings of conceptual constructions, meditative abstracts , transcendent landscapes, and mystical figure portraits all acknowledge him to be a painter who is continually exploring and refining his technique. The diversity of his styles and the fluency in which he paints reveal that innate ability often described as a gift, but which is truly the result of a deep conviction and dedication towards his creative expression.

Stella Alesi

Stella Alesi | WEST 211, 1017 W Milton St

Highlighted artist to see.

South Austin Museum of Popular CultureWEST 198, 1516 S Lamar Blvd

Highlighted gallery. “The SouthPOP show is a group show that I’m in but I really would recommend it. It has many artists whom I really admire.”

Court Lurie: Four Questions | WEST XX

Highlighted “out of the box.”

Texas State University’s Sterling Allen picks:


Sterling Allen holds an MFA in Sculpture from the Milton Avery Graduate School of Arts at Bard College. He is a co-founder and co-director of Okay Mountain, an artist collective and former gallery based in Austin, Texas. As a solo artist and in collaboration with Okay Mountain, he has exhibited and completed projects at venues throughout the United States and received several residencies including the Artpace International Artist-In-Residence Program in San Antonio, Texas. He is currently an Assistant Professor in Studio Art at Texas State University.

Soo Lee Ceramics

YOUNGSONS at Co-Lab ProjectsWEST 175, 721 Congress Ave

“Saw some of their new collaborative work recently and have always enjoyed Drew’s solo work in the past.  Raw and colorful with tons of energy.”

Art from the Streets and Mockingbird Domestics | WEST 251 + 252, 2151 S Lamar Blvd

“A great program that runs year-round where you can help people out directly and find truly original drawings and paintings.”

SooLee at Southside Gaiety Hall Artists Co-Op | WEST 234, 707 W Live Oak St

“These functional vessels and dishes have just the right amount of the hand in them via the artist’s nice linework.”

Mexic-Arte Museums’s Rebecca Gomez picks:


Rebecca Gomez is Curator for Exhibitions and Programs at the Mexic-Arte Museum. Rebecca Gomez earned her B.A. in Art History from Southwestern University (2007) and her M.A. in Art History and Criticism from the University of Texas at San Antonio (2011), focusing on Latin American Art and writing her thesis on “The History, Collection, and Display of Chicano/a Art in San Antonio.”

OESTE at La Pena

Oeste: a Latino Art Exhibit at La Pena Gallery | WEST 177, 227 Congress Ave

“This is not to be missed. Meeting the assorted artists will be inspirational!”

Studio in the Museum: An Interactive Recreation of Charles Umlauf’s StudioWEST 179, 605 Robert E Lee Rd

“We are excited to tour the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum’s exhibition.”

Faustino DeraetWEST 37, 2906 Stoneway Dr

“Visiting Faustino Deraet’s artist studio will give stimulating insight into the photographic process of this Latino talent.”

grayDUCK Gallery’s Jill Schroeder picks:


Jill Schroeder is the founder and director of grayDUCK Gallery. grayDUCK Gallery was founded in 2010 in South Austin, and relocated to East Austin in 2014. The gallery strives to exhibit the work of exceptional artists while creating a welcoming place for everyone: viewers, artists and neighbors. Monthly shows highlight artist’s work from a broad range of experience, both locally and nationally.

Sonya Berg, From Wild Basin 2

Yuliya LaninaWEST 288, 1900 Larchmont Dr

“I’ve been a fan of Yuliya’s work for a long time. Her show at ACC brought together her animation, paintings and creatures in a kind-of retrospective. Then, during Fusebox, she absolutely killed with a performance/ animation. I’ve had a glimpse of her new work which is dark and pared down and I can’t wait to see more.”

Dameon Lester & Susi Brister @ Art for the People WEST 222 + 223, 1711 S 1st St

“Dameon Lester is a meticulous and creative sculpture. He uses uncommon mediums like pipe cleaners and paper-pulp in ways you could not imagine. He’s always pushing his craft, and he stands out as an artist.

Susi Brister’s photos of landscapes with fabric-clad people are beautiful and crazy. My favorite is titled Neon Shag which I think helps describe general impact of her images.

Each artist would be worth checking out on his or her own, but you get a two for one at this show. I’m excited to see how their works interact.”

Sonya Berg | WEST 45, 1500 Ruth Ave

“Sonya has shown in a number of fabulous galleries in Austin and it’s been great to follow her career. In the past I have fallen in love with her empty pool paintings and now I’m intrigued by her paint/photos and collage work. The have an alien world feel to them that makes me want to explore them more.”

Art Alliance Austin’s Joel Sumner picks:


Joel Sumner is the board chair of Art Alliance Austin. Joel and his wife Elisa (she’s on the board of Women & Their Work) are avid collectors of Austin artists. Here’s an excellent interview of the couple by H.C. Arnold. The advice? Buy the first piece….

BONUS PICK: WEST GROUP EXHIBITION  | Group Show: #A, 1110 Barton Springs Rd

“See works from over 200 of the artists showing at WEST. Go there first to be inspired or find work that speaks to you. Use it to plan out the rest of your WEST stops.”

Susi Brister + Dameon Lester | WEST 222 + 223, 1711 S 1st St

“Both artists use organic shapes to make quiet and beautiful pieces that makes you think about the relationship between human and nature.”

Alejandra Almuelle | WEST 250, 2200 S Lamar Blvd

“Alejandra has been creating surreal clay sculpture that are intricate, thought provoking, and beautiful for over a decade. Always a visual treat.”

Yuliya LaninaWEST 288, 1900 Larchmont Dr

“Yuliya creates fairy tales with her paintings and mechanical creations using characters that combine animal and human features. Apply your own story or talk to Yuliya and get her impression of the piece.”


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